Netizens Praise Her After Learning Why – KpopNews

Netizens Praise Her After Learning Why – KpopNews

FameIt is Kim Hiera goes viral after revealing why she doesn’t wear a bra in most of her scenes.

Kim Hiera | News from Gukje

Lately, Kim Hiera was interviewed by Seduce Korea. Kim Hieora, who received rave reviews for her portrayal of Lee Sa Ra, has revealed how far she is willing to go to express her character.

Lee Sa Ra is one of the five ex-thugs who hye kyo chansonThe character takes revenge. Lee Sa Ra is the daughter of a minister and an artist addicted to drugs and partying. She is often portrayed in drama as dazed and confused.

Kim Hieora revealed in the interview that Lee Sa Ra has a “Ttotal psychopathand to convey this to viewers, she had filmed most of her scenes without wearing a bra.

I thought, ‘Today I must be even more psychotic.’ To express Lee Sa Ra’s freedom, I almost never wore underwear. I filmed with an eye patch and no bra most of the time.

– Kim Hiora

Kim Hieora shared that some were concerned about the actress’ choice.

In the scene where I’m only wearing a scarf for a blouse, I’m only wearing a patch, and a lot of people are like, ‘Are you sure it’s okay to be filmed like that?’

– Kim Hiora

Since then, the interview has gone viral in online communities. Netizens praised the actress for her commitment to the character.

  • “She literally embodies His Ra.”
  • “It turns out he also learned to smoke for the character. She is literally Sa Ra…”
  • “Sa Ra really looks like she’s not wearing a bra LOL. It fits the character well. »
  • “The way he says his lines is particularly believable. He stays with you.”
  • “She is the epitome of Sa Ra… I loved the top of the scarf.”
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Fame returns this week on March 10th. Can not wait? Check out the trailer at the link below.

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