Netizens have mixed reactions when BoA speaks about “disappointing” views of GOT The Beats MV

Netizens have mixed reactions when BoA speaks about “disappointing” views of GOT The Beats MV

little entertainment supergroup I have the rhythm He recently made his first comeback, dab on itreleased on January 16th. Compiled by boa, Girls Generationit is Taeyeon Oui Hyoyeon, red velvetit is seulgi Oui wendyOui a spait is Karine Oui winterThe group’s cast is definitely full of incredibly talented women in the K-pop industry.

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Because of this, some people are surprised that reactions to the band’s music have been lukewarm at best, with many fans saying they would have preferred SM Entertainment to have focused more on the original bands than the members, rather than the GOT the Beat project. .

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In fact, the mini-album has only sold around 87,000 to date, far fewer than the most recent albums by Girls’ Generation, Red Velvet or aespa.

In the five days since its release, the music video for “Stamp On It” hasn’t hit five million views either, which is pretty low.

And it seems that the low views of the music videos even caught the attention of the members themselves. After the band’s performance of “Stamp On It” in Countdown MBoA raised the issue with its fans.

Our video clip was not viewed as often as expected. Look at it! Happy New Year. And take care of yourself. Thanks very much!


The moment can be seen between 5:30am and 5:45am on their fancam below.

His candid statement and request drew very mixed reactions. Some netizens found it distasteful to talk about the subject and heavily criticized him online.

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Some believe she caused guilt-stricken fans to watch the music video more and gave them the wrong opinion as to why she could be associated with GOT the Beat in the first place.

However, others don’t believe that he did anything wrong with what he said and was simply honest about sharing his feelings with fans.

Others have accused SM Entertainment of releasing the performance version of “Stamp On It” ahead of schedule, resulting in fewer views of the music video.

Despite all of that, there’s no denying that all members of GOT the Beat are talented and successful women in their own way, even if “Stamp On It” didn’t do as well as expected.