Netizens Defend PENTAGON’s Hui As His ‘Boys Planet’ Performance Faces Criticism

Netizens Defend PENTAGON’s Hui As His ‘Boys Planet’ Performance Faces Criticism

The competition in the idol reality show planet boys is currently in progress. As a spin-off of the popular Idol Contest Show Girl planet 999which aired in 2021 and formed the K-pop group GuardianNetizens are excited to see which group will be formed from the show and which nine candidates will be part of the final list.

At the same time “Boy’s Planet” | @boysplanet.official/Instagram

The show got off to an exciting start and recently aired into its fourth episode. Although the show has barely started, it has already generated some controversy and experienced its surprising moments.

Out of Mnetis notorious”Evil editionwhich prompted a backlash before the show even started…

…to a group of global competitors under fire her behaviour to another Global Intern to Camden. Many netizens believe that this was another example of Mnet’s “evil editing”.

…to the old talents entertainment cube Interns, who had convinced netizens that the company would fire its most talented interns, the show was the subject of much topical conversation.

On “Boys Planet,” K-pop fans wonder how Cube Entertainment keeps dumping its most talented trainees

One of the biggest surprises to date was revealed before the show even aired, and that was the announcement that PENTAGONIt is Whoa would fight for a chance to debut with the winner’s list.

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The announcement of his arrival planet boys Netizens were shocked, and Hui revealed that he made the decision to join because he felt burdened as the leader of the group. He shared this upon returning from the military: “things have become very different.

The group faced a lot of rejection for the first time, and it felt like there was “he couldn’t do anythingfor his colleagues.

Hui, who competes under his first name Lee HoeTaekproved a popular contestant on the show and was ranked highest in his group in the third episode.

As the show progresses, his chances of debuting in the final cast continue to increase. A post on a popular Korean online community forum recently went viral when key comments questioned Hui’s participation in the show.

PENTAGON’s Hui (centre) makes his first public appearance with “Boys Planet.”

Some of the main commenters argued that his participation was unfair because he was still a member of an active K-pop group, which they felt robbed an opportunity for someone who had never debuted.

Others criticized Hui for wearing his ears with PENTAGON’s fandom name, which some netizens said would, among other things, increase votes for Hui from his group’s existing fandom.

| Nate Pan

  • “It’s kind of weird because there are trainees that came out after the breakup. It’s not that they failed. He has a band to go back to so honestly I don’t know why he came (this show) ㅜ”
  • “It was wrong of him to come onto the ‘Boys Planet’ stage with his headset with the PENTAGON fandom written on it. ㅋㅋ What does he think ‘Boys Planet’ is? Legendary Fraud »
  • “(Idols) born in 2002 and 2003 are about to debut, so why is a player from 1993 coming out and trying to steal his spot?
    C’est vraiment trop hahahaha”
  • “He doesn’t want to give up his group, he also wants to steal opportunities from young people ㅜㅜ”
  • “He didn’t even leave his group. He is completely different from Oh Sungmin and Cha Woongki.

After news of the post went viral, other netizens quickly came out to defend it.

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Many pointed out that idols from other active K-pop groups had participated in similar programs in the past, so they felt that this similar circumstance shouldn’t be a problem.

Others shared that they sympathized with Hui’s efforts to revitalize his group and believed he had the best opportunity to further his music career through competitions.

His continued participation in the show will be determined by fan voting. How far Hui will go depends on viewers planet boys.

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Netizens sympathize with the competitor “Boys Planet”, which received 0 votes