Netflix’s 100 really thought about Jang Eun Sil’s female-dominated team

Netflix’s 100 really thought about Jang Eun Sil’s female-dominated team

NetflixIt is Build: 100 unfortunately it is coming to an end. But before the last episode is broadcast on February 21, the candidates are ready for young myung, fils hee dong, Yun Sung Bin, Wonderetc jo jin hyung sat down to rewatch the two episodes that came out last week.

At the beginning of the video they saw the team of fighters that’s it He entered the arena and prepared to pull the heavy ship. The men openly admitted that they thought the team would not be able to finish the game.

They were considered “outsiders” to the competition as they were mostly female and even had an injured male player.

  • Jo Jinhyung: This is Jang Eun Sil’s team.
  • Cho Jung Myung: When we had to pull the ship, I thought this team wouldn’t even be able to finish the race.

However, not only did they defy all odds and finish the game, they also finished just two minutes from the second!

Car salesman and hardcore gamer Jo Jin Hyeong admitted he doesn’t think they have what it takes. He was amazed they could pull the ship when his team barely made it.

The fact that they did is amazing. My team wasted a lot of time there, so I just assumed these guys wouldn’t make it. How can they do that when we can barely get through?

—Jo Jin Hyeong

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Skeleton athlete Yun Sung Bin added: “They did better there than my team..”

After seeing them finish the match, the men said something about Jang Eun Sil’s team: “they are amazing.”

  • Cho Jung Myung: They finished it anyway. The fact that they did is amazing.
  • Jo Jinhyung: You really are amazing.

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