NETFLIX Wins Case Against Church of Providence Cult Leader Convicted of Rape – K-GEN

NETFLIX Wins Case Against Church of Providence Cult Leader Convicted of Rape – K-GEN

NETFLIX has won a lawsuit in South Korea.

On March 3, NETFLIX released a documentary titled “In The Name of God: A Holy Betrayal” (“Au Nom de Dieu: Les Executioners de la Foi” in French and already available).

This is a documentary in which NETFLIX looks at four religious cults in South Korea led by leaders who claim to be prophets and manipulate their followers. The documentary thus sheds light on the problem of cults in Korea and their overly widespread influence in Korean society.

One of the cults in question, the Church of Providence, had filed a lawsuit against NETFLIX to prevent the documentary from being released, accusing NETFLIX of defamation.

On March 2nd, the day before the documentary was released, the judiciary decided in favor of NETFLIX to authorize the broadcast of the documentary.

The Seoul court said: “NETFLIX and its collaborators appear to have collected an enormous amount of objective data and created a program based on it. It is difficult to simply refuse their data at the request of the Church of Providence. »

In the NETFLIX documentary, we’re particularly interested in the case of Jeong Myeong Seok, the controversial leader of the Church of Providence.

This false prophet was arrested in 2009 and had sexually abused several of his followers before being sentenced to 10 years in prison for rape. He posed as God and then created his community around himself, choosing to surround himself with all the tallest and prettiest girls within the cult, which he violated by telling them they were God’s will.

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In October 2022, he sexually touches a stranger and finds himself in court again. He is currently awaiting trial.

In the Name of God: Executioners of Faith is already available on NETFLIX, and you can find the trailer below: