NCT’s Jaemin lists reasons why he wants to kiss Jaehyun Kpop News

NCT’s Jaemin lists reasons why he wants to kiss Jaehyun Kpop News

NKT recently presented To the NCT universe: HOME Exhibition in Seoul, South Korea. The exhibit was a fun way for fans to learn more about their favorite idols and snag some cool merchandise.

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While there were mixed feelings about the AI ​​posters fans were able to interact with at the event…

… the general reaction was enormous.

As part of the exhibition, each member of NCT was interviewed. They talked about themselves as well as about the other members. Fans especially love it when the subject of the interview is about another member in a different sub-unit.

Lately, jaemineThe interview with drew attention because of the way he talked about it jaehyun!

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Jaehyun from NCT

During his interview, Jaemin was asked what Jaehyun means to him Jisung. The idol began his response by explaining that he was allowed to kiss Jaehyun when he was younger.

jaemine: First off, I got permission to kiss her a long time ago until I was 24 (Korean era). Do you remember that?
Jisung: It’s the first time I’m hearing about it.
Jaemine: Well, he’s been in one of our videos before.
Jisung: Oh really?

The video Jaemin is referring to is from 2019 when Jaemin was a 20-year-old Korean man. In the short clip, the two explain that Jaemin can kiss Jaehyun on the cheek until he turns 24 in Korean age.

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Jaemin continues to explain to Jisung why he wants to kiss Jaehyun, saying he is “practically a prince” and handsome.

jaemin: You just don’t care about me! Anyway, Jaehyun is practically a prince. He’s handsome and everything about him is great. For this reason, before I turn 24, I will try to kiss her once.

Jaehyun IS handsome and princely…

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…so it’s easy to see why Jaemin feels that way!