NCT Taeyong Vaping? Here’s how NCTzens reacted to Idol’s unexpected photo – Kpopnews

NCT Taeyong Vaping? Here’s how NCTzens reacted to Idol’s unexpected photo – Kpopnews

During NCT 127’s “Ay-Yo” activities in Japan, a snapshot featuring Taeyong’s vape was uploaded to the official NHK Venue 101 Instagram account, piqued the curiosity of the NCTzens.

Read to find out how fans reacted!

NHK accidentally reveals NCT Taeyong’s vape in a behind-the-scenes photo

On February 25, NCT 127 appeared on NHK’s Venue 101 to promote their comeback “Ay-Yo” and continue their efforts in Japan.

(Photo: Instagram: @nhk_venue101)

After the shoot, NCTzens were thrilled to see NHK’s NCT 127 photos, which showcase the charming images of the guys backstage. The group is enjoying their time at Venue 101 and doing their best to support “Ay-Yo” for Japanese NCTzens.

However, one of the single photos of NCT Taeyong caught the fans’ attention. In the photo, fans were quick to spot Taeyong holding a vape while relaxing backstage.

NCT Taeyong Vaping?  This is how NCTzens reacted to the unexpected photo of Idol

(Photo: Instagram: @nhk_venue101)

Fans expressed their hilarious reactions to Taeyong’s vaping revelation considering it was also featured in one of Japan’s prestigious media outlets.

After the photo went viral, NCTzens recalled an earlier clip of Taeyong handing Johnny a vaping ban sign. Since Johnny had posted photos that accidentally exposed his vape.

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With the accidental revelation, NCTzens knew the roles had turned! Others even joked if Taeyong knew how to do vape tricks. Some used the hashtag #LETTAEYONGVAPE on Twitter, sparking laughter from the online community. See their hilarious reactions below:

“It was posted on the official Instagram of Japan’s largest streaming company, with no filter or censorship.”

“As a teenager, I had to deal with people getting mad at their favorite smokers, and now I’m 23 NCT fans are playing clues to find out which vape Taeyong was smoking in his photo.”

“This whole Taeyong vape thing gives me flashbacks to when Johnny was posting those selfies.”

“Do you think Taeyong likes vape stuff to entertain Neos?”

“Taeyong will be grumpy once he finds out you all sold his favorite vape flavor.”

NCT Taeyong Goes Viral for Shading Haters in Neo City: The Link Concert

In other news, Taeyong went viral for another reason as well. The NCTzens gushed about his gestures during their concert.

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(Photo: Twitter NCT)

On October 22-23, 2022, NCT 127 held a two-day concert at Jamsil Stadium with the “Neo City: The Link” concert and delighted many fans. The boy band demonstrated their strong local fan base by securing a 70,000 capacity stadium.

On her second day, Taeyong addressed the haters in the wildest way in her “HELLO” performance. After cooking the words “haters go crazy” Taeyong followed up with a finger gesture, sparking divided opinion online.

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While some disliked Taeyong’s behavior during the concert, others praised the idol for his confidence and bravery.

See their reactions below:

“Isn’t it a problem to swear at a fan?

“Why would he lick his finger which is probably sweaty and has Covid bacteria? I vomit.”

“So funny how Taeyong did this move for the ‘enemies will go mad’ line and now the haters are really angry and shaking and puking.”

What’s your reaction to Taeyong’s photo? Tell us in the comments below!

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