NBA Paris Game 2023: The match between the Bulls and the Pistons keeps what it promises

NBA Paris Game 2023: The match between the Bulls and the Pistons keeps what it promises

The regular season game between the Chicago Bulls and the Detroit Pistons (126-108) at the Accor Arena in Bercy, Paris delighted local fans. Former NBA stars and a handful of stars also made their way to attend the event.

A night like no other. For once, NBA fans didn’t have to get up at 3am to see a game played on weekdays – the American professional basketball league has for a number of years regularly offered games that are broadcast in France on weekends in prime time – and some have even had the opportunity to be there. Three years after the game between the Hornets and the Bucks at the Accor Arena in Bercy, Paris, the Chicago Bulls and Detroit Pistons faced off in the French capital.

The result of the meeting will remain anecdotal (the Bulls won, 126 to 108), importantly, France and Paris are now a privileged place for the NBA to regularly play season games on European soil (where they used to be held). location in London, United Kingdom). In a press conference before kick-off, NBA boss Adam Silver has already confirmed that another game will be played in the coming season. If the identity of the teams isn’t known at the moment, it’s already rumored that the club that will have the chance to select Victor Wembanyana during next June’s NBA draft – where he is expected to be picked first – will be in the Travel. He was also there with his brother.

Aside from the players’ athletic accomplishments on the field, this gathering was a social event that brought together previous NBA achievements, including French players Tony Parker and Joakim Noah. But also the former linchpin of the Detroit Pistons (and the Chicago Bulls), Ben Wallace or even Earvin “Magic” Johnson. Other stars have had the trip, such as rapper Lil Baby, musician Pharrell Williams and many others.

For a few hours this Thursday, January 19, Paris will be the capital of European and world basketball. And it looks like it could stay that way for years to come. All French fans are crossing their fingers that this is the case.

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