National Sports Day: The Importance of Nutrition for Athletes By Eating Kachimeshi

National Sports Day: The Importance of Nutrition for Athletes By Eating Kachimeshi, Jakarta National Sports Day which came on September 9, 2022, became a meeting of thoughts and energy from the development of Indonesian players in the past.

The Minister of Youth and Sports (Menpora RI) Zainudin Amali confirmed that the main theme is National Sports Day 2022 is ‘Together Print Champions’. According to the Minister of Youth and Sports of Indonesia, this issue is a continuation of the spirit of strengthening the main goals of the country to be successful in organizing the national games. As a spice producer that focuses on the health and nutrition issues of Indonesian people, PT AJINOMOTO INDONESIA (Ajinomoto) also has a great plan to meet the needs of athletes and sports enthusiasts with ‘Kachimeshi Food Success’.

The ‘Success Food Kachimeshi’ program is an adaptation of the Ajinomoto Co., Inc. program. (Japan) under the name ‘Victory Project®’ which supports the condition of athletes in Japan through controlled guidance from sports nutritionists, the production of special foods and special food products. nutrition with supplements of aminoVITAL products.

In Indonesia, at first, the program of ‘Nasara Kachimeshi Kachimeshi’ was made with the aim of seeing that national athletes can play a great role so that they can talk a lot and become a champion in the international arena. This program includes strong support from sports nutritionists, providing balanced nutrition that meets the needs of the athlete based on the exercise component made with additional aminoVITAL® products.

Now, the ‘Success Food Kachimeshi’ menu can be used for other sports enthusiasts so that they can take care of their body health, while getting better performance during exercise.

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According to Dr. Mury Kuswary, SPd, MSi, President of the Indonesian Association of Sports & Fitness Nutritionists (ANOKI), there are many nutritional supplements for an athlete to increase muscle strength, physical endurance, and the recovery process after exercise serious body.

“For an athlete, to increase muscle strength, of course, proteins play an important role in helping the protein synthesis system, so that the muscle strength and recovery process will be better. Although it has an important role, of course it must be supported with some good macro and micronutrients. In addition to quality, the right amount and time of eating are important factors so that athletes can show their best performance during training and competition,” said Dr. Mury when Ajinomoto contacted him.

He added that food menu modifications and nutritional programs such as ‘Successful Food Kachimeshi’ are widely implemented for athletes and sports activists in Indonesia. The need for nutrition, especially appropriate and proper nutrition, is very important for athletes and sports enthusiasts because they can help meet their body’s needs for physical activity, to be healthy, fit, and supply.

He went on to say, “We can see an example of the success of this program from the national swimmer I Gede Siman Sudartawa, who has won many competitions in the world.”