National Book Month 2022, God as the Source of Human Hope

National Book Month 2022, God as the Source of Human Hope

Catholics commemorate the Moon Scripture National (BKSN) every September every year. People are encouraged to get closer to and know God by reading the scriptures during National Scripture Month 2022.

The concept of reading the scriptures diligently comes from Dei Verbum, one of the documents produced by the Second Vatican Council (1962-1965). This document is about scriptures. The fathers of the council also suggested that the door to the holy book should be opened properly.

The invitation to diligently read the scriptures is spreading. In Indonesia, the Catholic Church cooperates with the Indonesian Bible Center to translate the holy book into the Indonesian language.

This effort did not make people interested in reading the holy book. Then the Indonesian Bible Institute (LBI), an institution of the Indonesian Bishops’ Conference (KWI) took the initiative to define the Bible Sunday (HMKS) in the country.

HMKS is commemorated by choosing certain Sundays to conduct worship and special activities around the holy book.

At the 1977 KWI convention, HMKS was established on the first Sunday of September. Then in its development, there was a Sunday that was weak because the interest of the public increased until September became the month of the National Scriptures.

National Bible Month 2022 has the theme ‘God is the Source of New Hope for the Soul’. This theme is reinforced by what is said from the verse ‘Seek the Lord and you will live’ (Amos 5:6).

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RP Albertus Purnomo, OFM, President of LBI, said that the LBI leadership council presented this issue by considering the current situation. Anxiety, the fear of epidemics began to subside, social and economic activities gradually rose.

However, he continued, the problems of the world do not stop. The disease has started to be treated but the world is shocked again by the war in Ukraine.

“National Book Month 2022 invites us as Catholics in Indonesia to reflect on the image of God as a source of new hope for believers,” said Albertus in his opening words to the 2022 BKSN book.

This year, BKSN has taken inspirational texts especially from the books of Amos and Joshua. These two prophets worked in the middle of the 8th century BC. In the meantime, for a month the neighborhood or community will think collaboratively with four different themes every week.

The four themes are a true religious life, a righteous life, a life based on God’s faithfulness, a life full of God’s mercy.

Now is the time to reopen the old scriptures lying on the bookshelf and understand the new life as God expects in the National Scripture Month 2022.


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