“My master”: calendar, wishes… Everything about the new university allocation page

“My master”: calendar, wishes… Everything about the new university allocation page

The Ministry of Higher Education formalized its new matching platform “My Master” for bac +3 this Friday, January 13th. It will be online from February 1st.

A new orientation tool for students. Announced in September by the Minister for Higher Education Sylvie Retailleau, the new platform called “My Masters”, aimed at facilitating the assignment of students wishing to obtain a Masters degree, was just launched this Friday 13 January with the aim to reduce tensions between supply and demand at the university.

Submission of applications from 22 MARCH

This new platform, called monmaster.gouv.fr, is aimed at graduates of bac+3 candidates for a master’s degree and will be online on February 1st.

Students can then submit their application there from March 22 to April 18. Candidates will be admitted from June 23rd to July 21st.

For several years, hundreds of students who have completed their three-year license have not found a faculty that welcomes them to continue their university studies, which is why they need better guidance.


Through this new platform, each candidate can register their wishes and the institutions examine the files before withholding some and rejecting others.

As with the course for university entrance, it is then up to the student to accept or not the proposals made to him. During the opening of the application phase, applications can be made “from a common file for 15 masters in classic training and 15 masters in dual training”, the ministry said in a press release this Friday.

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Applications “are not prioritized by applicants so students don’t self-censor and remain in control throughout the admissions process,” he says.

The file review process “is based, as it is today, on the assessment of the candidates’ project, their motivation, background and transcripts”.

This new system is the result of consultations with organizations representing students and institutions. “There are no algorithms or decision support tools for training: monmaster.gouv.fr is nothing more than a platform facilitating the connection between candidates and the Master’s offer”, specifies the minister. In the coming years, new master’s courses are to enrich the platform.