“My crazy years”: Yeshe offers us a very successful first EP

“My crazy years”: Yeshe offers us a very successful first EP

Revealed by The Voice in 2021, Yéshé arrives today with a first EP of 5 tracks that we already love and will really piss you off.

emotion and melancholy. This is how the first two tracks of Yéshé’s first EP can be described, a young artist unveiled by in 2021 The voice. Remember, she went to blind auditions back then, but despite a performance that wowed the public, the jury didn’t turn their backs. The young woman does not give up and takes the time to prepare an EP that will be released on Thursday evening, March 30th. “my crazy years“ contains 5 tracks, two of which are already available online with two clips.
Yeshé’s voice rises and tells us two stories in which we are gripped by emotions, even if the subject seems lighter than the passage of time, addressed in the track that gives the EP its title.

Yéshé is an outstanding storyteller with her unique style, in which song and “spoken” come together and grips us piece by piece. But with “Paranoïa” the artist can only touch you. Like Camille Lellouche, Yéshé uses music to convey a message and tell his story, but also that of millions of women who are victims of intimate partner violence, this violence that begins very early with gestures that should warn, but which we let go:

“This time I forgive him
Lying on the floor, I have no strength to speak
It’s not his fault if he jokes, he proves he’s a man.”


Yéshé is a great artist, writer, composer and performer who has a long way to go starting with the 5 steps to a successful EP that we already love!

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