More viral on TikTok, What is the Bad Cake Trend?

More viral on TikTok, What is the Bad Cake Trend?

Recently, the virtual world has been shaken by the trend ugly cake prank that virus on social media TikTok. Not only TikTok users, big celebrities also practice this trend to make fun of others.

First of all, the trend ugly cake prank This is the content of the social media, where someone sends some pictures on purpose pie bad for their loved ones and the people they will vote for.

Incidentally, there are many cake vendors there custom who are willing to accept orders for cakes of all kinds. In the end, many people order to send a bad cake to family members.

One of the celebrities who follows the trend ugly cake prank This is Fitri Tropical. He tried this situation with his first daughter, Sada Amina Hanara.

The cake maker ordered by presenter Fitri Tropica also admitted that he was surprised when he received the order. Because, it was the first time the customer ordered a cake with an ugly shape.

The cake maker, Sekarwangi, from Sekarwangi Cake Shop, explained that the unique design of this terrible cake was a great challenge for him. The reason is, until now, customers always demand good cakes. When he was asked to make a bad cake, he was confused.

Sekarwangi said when contacted, Sekarwangi said, “At first I didn’t know how bad he was, it’s not what it should be. Sis Fitrop said his eyes were suspicious, his lips looked like silicone injections, etc.” on Wednesday (14/9).

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He also said that making the Elsa cake took a long time because he had never made a bad cake before.

“It was really a challenge for me the first time, because we felt that the cake was not good, it was very challenging,” he said.


According to Sekarwangi, the situation ugly cake This is a long time, but not from anything intentional for fall reasons.

In the past, there have indeed been many incidents where novice bakers have presented cakes that did not meet expectations and made them look bad.

To order, Sekarwangi continued, customers will generally specify the shape of the cake they want. But as time goes on, many of them suggest the type of character they want and leave all the ugly shape of the cake to the cake maker.

“So they usually have an image, either a character or a person really. After that they asked the aja part on the cake,” said Sekarwangi.


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