Moon Chae Won’s Agency Announces Measures to Fight Rumors Against Actress Soompi

Moon Chae Won’s Agency Announces Measures to Fight Rumors Against Actress Soompi

Moon Chae Won’s agency spoke up.

Recently, various rumors about Moon Chae Won have been circulating on YouTube and several online communities.

One video in particular alleged that Moon Chae Won quit her entertainment business after being kicked out of her agency due to multiple controversies and abuse of power. We also talked about Moon Chae Won’s supposed personality, her relationships with other celebrities, and her personal life.

Following these rumours, IOK Company, Moon Chae Won’s agency, released an official statement announcing its intention to take legal action.

In this statement we can read:

” Good morning. This is the company IOK.

We have uncovered a number of cases where baseless lies about our agency’s actress, Moon Chae Won, have been spread across various online communities, social media and YouTube as if they were the truth.

Accordingly, in addition to the obvious psychological damage that the actress suffers from our agency, we are aware that her image and honor are severely damaged as a result, and that the fans also suffer extreme damage.

We have been keeping an eye on the situation with continuous monitoring and evidence submitted by fans as a basis but as the production of nonsensical rumors spirals out of control we believe this is no longer at a level that can be tolerated and strong legal action is planned to be taken Protection of our actress.

Currently, we have gathered our first evidence with our long-term internal monitoring and fan evidence, and plan to file a complaint with a law firm based on additional evidence.

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To prevent this from happening again, we will take strict action against those who spread false facts, malicious rumor-mongers and malicious commentators, without any agreement or indulgence.

We will continue to carefully monitor malicious behavior towards the actress in our agency and take regular legal action.

If you discover a violation, please send us an email.

Finally, we will listen to fans’ valuable opinions and do our best to protect actress’s rights from our agency.

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Source: Sportshan