Momo Geisha Mansion: Private Chef, Jetski and Artificial Lake

Momo Geisha Mansion: Private Chef, Jetski and Artificial Lake

The former striker of Geisha group, Narova Morina Sinaga or as he is better known Momo Geisha More have a very nice house.

Not only luxury, the accommodations at Momo House, located in Malang, East Java, are very impressive.

Reported from YouTube Trans7 Official, Momo returned to Malang after marrying Nicola Reza Samudra. Also, now it is unlikely that he will appear as a Geisha singer until his unannounced release is reported.

Aside from the bad news he found about the Geisha group, let’s take a look at the facilities at Momo’s luxury home:

1. Luxury dining room complete with private chef

Momo has a dining room that is cozy and comfortable but still has a traditional feel. The dining room looks like the dining room in a fancy restaurant, complete with a piano set up from the dining table.

Not only that, Momo is said to have hired a professional chef to cook everyday because she can’t cook.

2. Super spacious garage

Momo’s house has a large garage. So big, the garage can hold up to 10 cars.

Of course, he parked the luxury cars of Momo and her husband in the garage.

3. Go jet skiing

Not only cars or other two-wheeled vehicles, Momo’s house also has a jetski which is definitely expensive.

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4. Comfortable guest rooms

If the guest rooms are usually casual, at Momo’s house that is not working. The guest rooms are designed like a bedroom in a five-star hotel. Guests will enjoy sleeping in Momo’s house for a long time.


5. Gym

Momo doesn’t need to leave the house just to use the gym. The reason is that in his house there are gyms that are full and can be used at any time.

6. Temporary reservoir

Swimming pools at home can be a common thing and must be owned by almost all upper middle class people. But Momo is different, in addition to the swimming pool, she also has a self-made pool full of golf equipment in the area of ​​her house.


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