Mom Writes Public Plea in Support of Intern Son Who Almost Debuted Under BTS’ Company – Kpopnews

Mom Writes Public Plea in Support of Intern Son Who Almost Debuted Under BTS’ Company – Kpopnews

The mother of a longtime intern wrote a heartfelt appeal to residents after learning her son would be on a survival show. His son, Hong Sung Minwill be on fantasy boys (also known as fantasy boys or Mo youth). The show will air in March 2023.

What surprised netizens was that the mother claimed her son almost went under btssociety. This of course refers to EMOTIONAL. She posted the news on a neighborhood community forum.

mother’s contribution. | above Leko

Good morning I’m a mom who always watches without commenting. The photo shows my son Hong Sungmin, an apprentice. This time he will participate in a casting survival show, and I ask the mothers in Yeongju City to vote for him and promote him.

First, the first live performance takes place music core At CMB a little later at 3:15pm I hope many people can connect. Also, he appeared in the MV of a singer named Hopewith whom has worked Kim Ho Joong. He’s really super passionate.

— Hong Sungmin’s mother

He had studied at Daeyoung Middle School before being transferred to Seoul, where he trained in BTS’ company for three and a half years, but his debut was dropped shortly before debut. He lived in one goshiwon (small room with cheap rent) before he finally got the chance to appear on this show.

The first official broadcast date is March 23rd at 10pm MBC’s fantasy boys. I hope Yeongju City Mothers can encourage him to make his debut this time. If you search for “Fantasy Boys Hong Sungmin” on the internet, its information should come up. Have a nice day. THANKS.

— Hong Sungmin’s mother

Hong Sungmin is listed on the official fantasy boys Location as a former trainee of Pledi’s entertainment. The 2004 vintage can be used in many ways.

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Since his three and a half year internship period coincided with HYBE’s acquisition of Pledis Entertainment in 2020, he could have made his debut in a boy band under the HYBE label. Label companies also often transfer trainees internally. Check fantasy boys‘ first live performance below.