Mistakes When Washing Bras That Should Be Avoided

Mistakes When Washing Bras That Should Be Avoided

For women, of course, you are already familiar with this dress. Bro He became it must be for women because it works and benefits the breast. Even though you use it often, don’t forget to keep it clean bra by washing it well.

Although washing is one method of cleaning bra from dirt and stubborn bacteria, it becomes a mistake when washing bra and affects stability bra know you, Bela! Come on, start avoiding the things below for that bra more durable and anti-corrosion.

1. Anointing bra able to change its shape

5 Mistakes When Washing Bras To AvoidSweetskinliners.com

Although it is intended to be confirmed bra exactly clean, but rub bra able to do bra be damaged and disabled. You want to make sure it’s clean, you just need to scrub gently and gently, then soak bra in soapy water for 15-20 minutes.

2. Taking a bath bra by hanging on a rope bra

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Avoid drying the bra by hanging the bra strap. Bro which after washing will feel heavy and dry in the sun bra by hanging a rope bra it will make him stretch faster. It is best to hang the bra to dry bra right in the middle cup.

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3. Like using a washing machine, take it apart bra with laundry bag

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If you are a person who likes to use a washing machine, you need to be careful, until then bra yours is not damaged by using the washing machine. It will be more convenient, useful laundry bag to protect bra and keep them from getting infected with other clothes if they are washed at the same time. If separated, bra yours will be more durable and won’t get damaged easily.

4. Bathing too much can also do it bra easily damaged, you know!

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Apparently, often washing can damage the elasticity and shape bra Hi, Bella! Although it is not recommended to wash it frequently, do not allow yourself to get dirt and germs on it bra because of lack of bathing. Consider the activities you participate in, do these activities make you sweat a lot or a little. If you use bra in a few cases, immediately wash and replace them bra and a new one.

5. The dryer will have elasticity bra to be destroyed

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Although it sounds easier and more convenient, using a hair dryer is not recommended. The washing machine can make elasticity bra to be destroyed. In addition, the effect of heat from the dryer will also affect the wear and tear of the wire on the wire bra. It’s good to just hit it off.

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