Missing Japan, These 5 places in Indonesia feel like in the land of Sakura

Missing Japan, These 5 places in Indonesia feel like in the land of Sakura


Japan individual foreign tourists or individuals are still not allowed to come to their country. However, the country of Sakura has started to change the rules regarding foreign tourist visits.

Starting September 7, 2022, Japan will no longer require foreign tourists to visit with tour guides or packages tourism. The previous policy made foreign tourists reluctant to vacation in Japan.

Japan is one of the most popular countries for tourists from Indonesia. However, for you Indonesians who missed out on visiting Japan, there is a little treat here.

Indonesia has many parks that make you feel like you are in the Land of Sakura. In fact, in one place, you can feel the snow by jumping.

Here are 5 resorts in Indonesia that can be a cure for homesickness for those who missed a vacation to Japan, as summarized from the site. Peggy’s surname.

Snow World in Bintaro and Bekasi

At Trans Snow World you can feel the Japanese style while playing in the snow and trying to cross. This place has the walls of Japan’s Mount Fuji, which makes you feel like you are feeling the snow in the land.

There are many other exciting games that can be played at Trans Snow World. There are two locations in Trans Snow World, in Bekasi and in Bintaro. Don’t forget to take pictures in the snow with Mount Fuji in the background.

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Jinja Park, Bali

The Japanese atmosphere is felt immediately when you set foot at the entrance of Jinja Park in Karangasem Regency, Bali. The red-lined columns line up welcoming tourists, which reminds us of Kyoto’s landmark, Fushimi Inari Taisha.

The red pillars are surrounded by a beautiful garden of white flowers. The landscape is covered with an amazing rock, so it will be a perfect place to take pictures.

3 Some Tours in Indonesia that make you feel like you are in Japan