Miss China 2022 has stumbled upon a scam, a Master Degree of deception

Miss China 2022 has stumbled upon a scam, a Master Degree of deception


Qin Zewen was announced as Miss China 2022 replacing the previous contestant who was in trouble.

But it seems that Qin also brought another scandal that is not a little serious, that is the fraud allegations.

Ruan Yue is the winner of the Miss China 2022 pageant and has the opportunity to participate in the Miss World pageant representing her country. However, Ruan was stripped of his title due to “inappropriate” behavior.

Instead of choosing a first or second runner-up, the organizers instead nominated Qin to replace Ruan. The controversy started because the 25-year-old woman has no history in the competition in the area. This has raised questions, especially after allegations that Qin lied about his academic qualifications and work history.

Qin’s bio for the competition says he holds a master’s degree in finance from Fudan University, a top university in Shanghai. In addition, it is mentioned that he previously worked as an analyst at Essence Securities, one of the largest securities companies in China.

Netizens didn’t agree with Qin’s appointment so they began to dig up information about him. What is surprising is that Qin used photos as if he was studying at Fudan University.

While his studies at Shanghai Jiaotong University were questioned because Qin’s certificate turned out to be fake. In addition, the China Securities Regulatory Commission has denied claims that Qin was ever a licensed investment analyst.

However, a few days after Qin was announced as Miss China 2022, Essence Securities released a statement that she was temporarily working there as an assistant analyst. Qin is said to have left the company for 8 months because his position as a financial analyst ended.

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The company wrote in a statement that “It is her decision to participate in social work and not how her actions represent women in this industry.”

On the other hand, the Miss World organization responded to Qin’s scandal in a statement it released on its website.

“We are concerned about the complaints of the Miss China candidate that we have received. We will investigate the matter and if the rules are violated, appropriate action will be taken,” said the Miss World organization.

Qin has not commented on the allegations against him. In fact, he posted a picture of himself and his friends on a social media platform with the title ‘Yar Talakawa’.

Apparently this situation caught the attention of Miss China 2014 Du Yang. He mentioned many things surrounding the Miss China 2022 competition. According to him, even in difficult circumstances, the competition must be fair, and the law should not be violated.

Du Yang said, “I have communicated this issue to the delegation of the event in China, and I will continue to contact the British headquarters to cooperate in protecting the reputation of the Miss World pageant.”


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