Minhyuk (MONSTA X) announces his military service appointment Soompi

Minhyuk (MONSTA X) announces his military service appointment Soompi

Minhyuk (MONSTA X) will be enrolling soon.

On March 13, the MONSTA X member wrote a letter to fans to announce the date of his retirement from the Army.

In this letter we can read:

“Hello, this is Minhyuk!

I’m sorry because I think our fans will see the title of the post “This is Minhyuk” and be sad if they click on it.

I will not be able to see all of them regularly at the moment as I have to leave on April 4th to fulfill my duties to the country. I should often be doing things that Monbébé likes like writing messages at the fan cafe, posting promotions, posting pictures and telling you when I’m done training, doing lives at Bubble and all. What hurts my heart the most is knowing that I can’t do all of this for you right now.

Otherwise I’m in a good mood. I will use the time in the future to become more serious and become a better version of myself. I look forward to receiving more love from Monbébé in this way. And I don’t go far, so don’t be too sad.

I think the Monbébé will be very sad, but I hope you won’t! Thank you for always giving me more love than I deserve even though I’m just an ordinary person.

I’m also sorry because I feel like I can never give that back to you no matter what I do. During the time we can’t see each other, I’ll stay sane mentally and physically and come back a better person.

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I love Monbébé so much and am grateful. Let’s meet smiling next year. I will be back soon!!

By Minhyuk. »

Source: Fancafé de MONSTA X