Messi case: what did he do in Saudi Arabia?

Messi case: what did he do in Saudi Arabia?

Lionel Messi was severely sanctioned by PSG on Tuesday, June 2 for missing training for a trip to Saudi Arabia

Messi, the “ambassador” of Saudi Arabia

The Argentine player traveled to Saudi Arabia, a country where he holds the role of tourism ambassador, while training was scheduled for Monday 3 May. Neither Luis Campos nor Christophe Galtier would have consented to this escapade. The footballer acted as if he couldn’t help it as temperatures there will soon exceed bearable limits as summer approaches. The latter had therefore gone there to honor a partnership with the Persian Gulf. The club didn’t like that at all, especially since the Qataris, owners of the club, don’t have the country of MBS in their hearts.

Sporting and financial sanction

The seven-time Ballon d’Or came from a loss to Lorient where he did not shine, only in the event of a win would have had training canceled. Unfortunately that didn’t happen. Lionel Messi has been suspended from the Paris Saint Germain team, so he will not be present for the clashes against Troyes (Sunday, May 7) and against Ajaccio (Saturday, May 13).

Also, the Argentine player was financially sanctioned, his salary was cut. Recall that the latter had just left for Saudi Arabia to cash in on a tens of millions euro contract. This brutal sanction puts Messi in a position of no return, suggesting a replacement possibility. Apparently Luis Campos had his sights set on a certain Bernardo Silva.

PSG, a club that is still considered lax

The club’s decision was well received in the dressing room. Most notably by his captain Mbappe, who wants to restore confidence in the players running under the PSG banner. However, the Parisian club had been criticized for their neglect of certain players, accused of indulging in the whims of the stars. Especially Neymar, who made several round trips to Brazil during training for family reunification reasons. This time, PSG led by example by imposing these severe sanctions. Would he have imposed the same sanctions on striker Mbappé? Nothing is less safe. According to Martin Revalo “Messi will leave Paris. They never understood that they had the best. Leo’s luck lies with FC Barcelona. And even if he has to play for free, he will try” he confided on his Twitter account. So Leo could wear Barca colors next year.

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