Mejeng in Google Doodle, What is the History of the Red Rooster Bowl?

Mejeng in Google Doodle, What is the History of the Red Rooster Bowl?

Today’s Google doodle has a picture of a bowl chicken the master who is famous in Indonesia. What is the history of this red rooster bowl?

The bowl of chicken is almost always in the grocery store. It started from the sellers of meat, soy sauce, chicken meat and other kinds of sauces. In other words, this bowl has become a symbol of roadside food in Indonesia.

But not only in Indonesia, this bowl is also well known in Southeast Asia. In other countries, this bowl has different names, according to Detik, the names include ‘ji gong wan’, ‘gong ji wan’, and ‘ji jiao wan’ in Malaysia.

Understandably, this bowl is steeped in Chinese culture and popular in Malaysia. Just in 2021, Pandamaran MP in Malaysia, Tony Leong Tuck Chee made a rooster memorial in Port Klang.

The history of the red rooster

The cock’s bowl has its own characteristics. The color of this bowl is usually white and there is an image of a rooster with a red comb on either side.

Launched in different ways, this rooster in a bowl is not an ordinary picture. It is believed that a rooster with a comb is a symbol of prosperity in ancient Chinese culture.

This large bowl probably entered Indonesia through trade in the past. You know, in the past, many people from mainland China came to Indonesia as traders.

It is also believed that the Chinese have used this bowl since the Ming Dynasty. It is believed to have originated from Guangdong province in southern China.

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This bowl design is said to have been created by Hakka artisans. They don’t just beat the bowl, they also pull the rooster by hand.

However, some people also think that this dish design comes from Thailand.

But of course no one knows how the history of this red rooster has turned out. What appears today is that the bowls used by street vendors are known to restaurants in Indonesia.

Such is the history of this famous red rooster.


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