Meaning of Beauty from Meaning of Sasyachi

Meaning of Beauty from Meaning of Sasyachi

BeautyFest Asia is coming back. As one of the series of events, BeautyFest Asia by presents the Popbela Beauty Awards which is open to all beauty and cosmetics brands in Indonesia. The Popbela Beauty Award itself consists of three stages, namely the registration process, the evaluation process, and the selection process.

For the judging process itself, this year’s Popbela Beauty Awards brought together 20 actresses in the world of beauty, including Editor-in-Chief, Makeup Artist, Hairstylist, Models, Photographers and para Creative Content Creator. One of them is Sasyachi. In a short interview with, Sasyachi also expressed his opinion on excellence.

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Meaning of Beauty and How to Get Rid of Insecurities According to Sasyachiport. POPBELLA

From generation to generation, the definition of beauty in Indonesia is still associated with the discomfort of being white, straight haired, and tall. Sasyachi also understood this, especially after South Korean culture entered the country. However, he sees the balance slowly changing thanks to the growing number of homegrown beauty brands.

Once I came here, what I see, because there are signs of home, yes, so the standard of beauty has changed. So my Indonesian friends are very smart in choosing the shade, what suits her skin. We are more, in my opinion, more confident in our own skin now than we used to be, yes,he said.

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This awareness is reflected in the choice the shadow pillow which should make the skin white. In this case, local fashion brands play a significant role in the way Indonesians accept racial diversity.

When we talk about the pad, we used to use white water because we are proud that (our leather) is bright white. If it was nowadays, maybe because of the local brands and they make it easier, we would be like, ‘oh I’m good like this, you know,’ like that. It’s starting to change and it’s like I’m more confident in each other’s skin, really,” he continued to say.

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Meaning of Beauty and How to Get Rid of Insecurities According to Sasyachiport. POPBELLA

In Sasyachi’s opinion, the current beauty scene seems to be different because there are more influencers who dare to appear with different skin types. For him, this is a development that has a positive impact on people’s opinions.

I used to think that Korean idols, whose skin color is white, are beautiful. But now I expect to see Indonesians with different skins, and it turns out that even Koreans when they are mixed have different skins, but they are still beautiful. So they see it as the goal to be themselves. ‘Oh he can do that, his skin is like that, I have to be confident too, please’he said.

The key to Sasyachi’s strong hold is gratitude. On the other hand, these feelings must be accompanied by efforts to take care of yourself.

Now I am more grateful to accept what is. And we can’t just leave it at that. There is something we are doing, trying. When the effort, so it must make us satisfied and grateful. Unlike people who, ‘nothing,’ but describes himself, has no effort,he said.

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Meaning of Beauty and How to Get Rid of Insecurities According to Sasyachiport. POPBELLA

However, the taste is not ask or insecurity not often they still eat the women. In the continuation of the #IAMREAL campaign, she wants women to stop comparing themselves to others.

Stop the comparison and see what he does, actually, until he can do it.he said.

Finally, Sasyachi has a message not to get carried away insecurityyou, Bela!

If you feel insecure, it’s okay to feel insecure, but not for long. We must be happy. Because usually happiness also brings good hormones. Definitely don’t worry. If stress actually causes bad hormones, even all diseases appear. If you can only be happy,“he finished the speech.

In your opinion, what is the definition of beauty, Bela?

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