Mayapada Presents Lower Risk for Arrhythmia Patients

Mayapada Presents Lower Risk for Arrhythmia Patients

Arrhythmia is a medical condition that attacks the heart. Arrhythmia is a type of disease that has symptoms in the form of an irregular heartbeat, it can be fast or slow.

Cardiologist Consultant Arrhythmia Mayapada Hospital Tangerang Dr. Agung Fabian Chandranegara, Sp.JP (K) said that the disease can attack anyone regardless of age. If the disease is not treated quickly, the disease can be serious and life-threatening.

“This arrhythmia is very different because it can happen to any age, from the young, the elderly, to children,” said Dr. Agung was quoted from detikcom, Thursday (29/9).

Dr. Agung said the ideal heart rate is above 60 and below 100 beats per minute. If the resting heart rate is below 60 or above 100 per minute, it is a heart attack.

“When the arrhythmia appears, the heartbeat is disturbed. The speed is disturbed. Less than 60 or more than 100 include the disturbance of the heartbeat or arrhythmias when people are resting, not when someone is working,” in heard Dr. Great.

said Dr. Great, if the disease is not treated, it can disrupt the blood flow in the heart. Therefore, the community as much as possible should quickly diagnose the disease.

According to him, early detection can be done by using the method of dancing, which means feeling the pulse of a person’s heart. Everyone can feel their pulse on the arm.

“‘Dancing’ is simple and easy. Counting beats 1 minute if less than 60 and more than 100 indicates an arrhythmia,” he said.

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There are several other symptoms that can be a sign that someone is suffering from an arrhythmia, namely fainting, fainting and chest pain. “Many times kliyengan without any reason, for example when walking or getting up from sitting. Chest pain is often like stabbing, nyut-nyut is the first symptom (arrhythmia),” he said.

According to him, one of the symptoms associated with the disease is feeling the heartbeat. People who suffer from arrhythmias usually feel the heartbeat more. If you feel this often, you should see a doctor immediately, especially a cardiologist.

“So we have to know the number of these complaints, for example you often feel the heartbeat, for example every week you see something unusual, for example when you are watching TV or resting, then you hear an unusual beat.” He said.

He said that in order to help patients recover from the disease, there are many ways, that is to take medicines if the symptoms are mild or to remove and even put a pacemaker. Dr. Agung explained that the treatment is done for life. This means that patients take medication every day to treat arrhythmias.

“The treatment of arrhythmia can be of different types, it can be treated with oral drugs. But of course because there is an imbalance in the electrical system of the heart, the drug must be taken for life,” hear it.

Under-stimulation for Arrhythmia Patients

Currently, for abortion, this method is considered the most effective because the patient recovery rate can reach 95-98 percent. Dr. Agung explained that this work is also classified as the least dangerous.

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“Before the abortion, we check whether the patient is suitable for treatment or it must be removed. When the abortion is successful, the patient may not need to take medication for life. There are almost no significant side effects,” said Dr. Great.

“After 2-3 days of abortion, the patient can carry out his daily activities. Even in the morning he can go home. The presentation of recovery is very good, between 95-98 percent of success in most cases, he said.

As for the abortion procedure itself, he said it was done through non-surgical methods. The patient is simply injected with a local anesthetic and uses a catheter through a small vein in the thigh to enter the heart. From there, the doctor will eliminate the abnormal pathways in the heart that cause arrhythmias.

“The disease is by inserting a catheter or small wires from the thigh in a non-surgical way. It’s just a needle in the thigh and in the heart. Then we eliminate or destroy the (bad) way. With microwaves we are destroying the wrong way. Just by injection, without surgery, without surgery,” said Dr. Great.

Currently, the Director of Mayapada Hospital Tangerang, Dr. Markus Waseso said abortion can be done at Mayapada Hospital Tangerang.

The reason is that Mayapada Hospital Tangerang has enough preparation from the medical experts to the places where the disease will be treated.

“We are ready, Mayapada Tangerang is ready to treat patients with arrhythmia through blood transfusion,” said Dr. Sign.

Also, it offers comprehensive services through consultations that can be done through telephone or face-to-face communication with doctors.

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To support research, Mayapada Hospital Tangerang is also equipped with a holter monitor, electrophysiology analysis to 3D ablation, Holter ECG, and other modern technologies.

“So to determine the patient’s heart rate. If more abortions may be needed, we have prepared it at our place which is carried out by Doctor Agung. Both with the 2-3D method. In general, our hospital is ready to perform abortions.” he explained.

The special thing about the services of Mayapada Hospital Tangerang is that it has dr. Agung, who specializes in arrhythmia. There are 41 doctors in this field in Indonesia.

Not only this, Dr. Markus said that their party also has great experience in treating various heart diseases. In fact, from the middle of 2021, the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Tourism and Economy have appointed Mayapada Hospital Tangerang as the hospital to apply for Indonesian medical tourism in Banten, especially for heart operations.

“The appointment is inseparable from the fact that our hospital has been assessed and has the full equipment, from doctors, their experience, support equipment, and care units,” he said.

For those of you who have symptoms of arrhythmia, you can consult a doctor at Mayapada Hospital Tangerang. The attending physician will provide the service as soon as possible.