Mayapada Hospital Surabaya Introduces Ablation with Low Risk

Mayapada Hospital Surabaya Introduces Ablation with Low Risk

JAKARTA – Arrhythmia is a heart disease or a disease that has a rapid heartbeat. Arrhythmias occur when the electrical impulses that regulate the heartbeat don’t work properly.

An irregular heartbeat will feel like a racing heart. Arrhythmias fall into several categories, including slow heartbeats (bradycardia), fast heartbeats (tachycardia), irregular heartbeats (fibrillation), and early heartbeats.

Cardiovascular specialist and consultant from Mayapada Hospital Surabaya Dr. Rerdin Julario, SpJP (K) said that many factors have caused this disease to appear.

“The most common is heart disease. In addition, there are other reasons, metabolic diseases, electrolytes, then genetics or infertility, which often cause symptoms of arrhythmia,” said Dr. Rardin, Monday (29/8).

According to him, fibrillation arrhythmias or irregular heartbeat is the most complex treatment. Therefore, the treatment of this type of arrhythmia must use a three-dimensional tool. Currently, the tool is only available in a few hospitals.

“If the arrhythmia of fibrillation must be treated in type 3. Because of the high level of consistency, the detail of the arrhythmic irregularity will be great. It can be easy,” he said.

Arrhythmia diseases, he said, are really very different, but there are still many people who underestimate this. Given that the community can conduct early detection without permission to determine the symptoms of the disease.

“So the method is simple, that is to be able to hear our own beat (dance), we can know our heart is normal or not, there is an irregularity or not,” he said.

For people who are still in doubt and want to get better results, they can contact and see a cardiologist in a hospital with adequate equipment. Because, there are some cases of arrhythmias that require further investigation.

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Because, although it is not very dangerous, but in some cases, arrhythmias can cause serious complications. Where a person can be unconscious or unconscious when this disease appears.

“Recording the heart in this case ECG or ESG. So it can determine the irregularity of the arrhythmia or not,” he said.

This first analysis is to determine the next step. “If we need a follow-up test, the so-called holter monitoring is the same as ESG, from here we can see that for 24 hours there is not a lot of nerve pain, if there is more than 10 percent, we will get sick. – surgical excision procedures,” he said.

Before determining the operation, the doctor will also check if an electro-visiological level (EVS) is required. This task is to assess the severity of symptoms experienced by the patient. “If it’s heavy, we do an abortion. We can fix it and we can manage it with a cardiac ablation,” he said.

Based on the data, the abortion success rate is very high. “The heart is a simple thing, a home antibiotic, if there are no problems, one day he can go home. The blood transfusion does not need drugs at all to reduce arrhythmias,” he said.

In order to meet the needs of the community to overcome this problem, Mayapada Hospital Surabaya provides complete equipment and technology. That way, people don’t have to worry about going outside to solve this problem.

“At Mayapada, everything is complete, starting from basic diagnosis, ESG, to the most advanced operations. For arrhythmias, there are many treatments and the latest one is Ablation, and we are able to do it with great results good,” said doctor Ira. from Mayapada Hospital Surabaya..

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“So the public must know that there is something, we hospitals have prepared tools to detect it, from ease to the available removal services,” he said.

In fact, he continued, Mayapada Hospital Surabaya was the first hospital to have equipment to support abortion. With a professional tool, it is guaranteed that the abortion procedure will work well.

“This abortion is the first time for the people of Surabaya, so maybe there are not many hospitals in East Java that can perform abortions, although Mayapada was established in November last year, but we have provided services for a community that is getting better and easier. more perfect every day. , meet all the needs of the community,” he said.

Therefore, for the people of Surabaya suffering from the symptoms of artemia, he suggested that they go to the hospital immediately to check their health. “Because something is not normal and the doctor has to check it,” he said.

For people who want to go to Mayapada Hospital Surabaya, there is no need to wait. Because this hospital provides full emergency services 24 hours 7 days, which includes Trauma Center, Cardiac Emergency, and Stroke Emergency.

The Trauma Center has a comprehensive team that is fast and committed to treating patients with various injuries that require rapid intervention.

Cardiac Emergency provides services to patients with heart failure, where cardiologists and catheterization labs are on standby 24 hours a day for cardiac catheterization and First Aid and cardiologists who are able to perform heart surgery with small incisions (small incisions).

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In addition, the emergency stroke is also supported by China and neurosurgeons who are ready to treat stroke due to blockage or bleeding and thrombolytic resuscitation, and surgery.