Mayapada Hospital Conducts PCR Test and Covid Vaccine in Bandung

Mayapada Hospital Conducts PCR Test and Covid Vaccine in Bandung

Mayapada Healthcare, which manages Mayapada Hospital and Indolab, conducted 3,000 PCR swab tests and administered Covid-19 1, 2, and booster vaccinations to 500 people in Bandung, West Java, on August 30 and 31 starting from 09.00-17.00 WIB.

The project, supported by Focus on Healthy Families as a provider of medical equipment, was held at Aparteen Newton Square, near Mayapada Hospital Bandung which is under construction, that is on Jl. Canal Buah Batu no 5. In collaboration with the Bandung City Health Office and UPTD Kujangsari Medical Center, Mayapada Hospital also collaborates with the Faculty of Medicine, Padjadjaran University (FK Unpad) and FK Unpad Alumni Association as a certificate provider.

The president of Mayapada Healthcare, Jonathan Tahir stated that the series of activities is a form of self-sacrifice to support the government in the fight against Covid-19.

“We hope that this free PCR swab and vaccination program can help the Bandung government to speed up the recovery and eradicate Covid-19 everywhere,” said Jonathan.

Plt. The head of the health care office of Bandung, Dr. Sony Adam stated that more cases of Covid-19 continue to occur, although the recovery rate is high and no patient has died. In the month of June to August, the highest daily case was recorded on August 23 with 207 cases.

According to Dr. Sony, this project is in line with the order of the Mayor of Bandung so that all departments contribute and play a role in accelerating the development of the vaccine against the Covid-19 disease, with the goal of 50 percent coverage until the end of August.

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“The PCR swab test that is currently being conducted is very helpful for us in our efforts to control the cases of Covid-19. We hope that this program can help us achieve a good goal to make the residents of Bandung always healthy and prosperous in their daily activities.” He said.

So Dr. Dr. Agung Dynasty Permana, Sp.THT-KL, M.Kes, FOCS as Manager of the Faculty of Medicine Education Center and representatives of Unpad Medical Faculty. He said he welcomed the strategic partnership with Mayapada Hospital.

“We welcome this strategic partnership with Mayapada Hospital. We, as an educational institution based in Bandung, are committed to helping the government of Bandung to make further progress in the recovery of Bandung,” said Dr. Dr. Great.

How to do PCR test at Mayapada Hospital in Bandung

In order to keep the event process running smoothly while avoiding crowds, participants are requested to do the online registration process via email. this link. Registration is done no later than H-1.

For the PCR swab test, it is provided by drive and online source, where the results will be given 1×24 hours after the sample.

In the meantime, for prevention, residents who register through the link above are required to bring a photo of their ID card and writing materials as required. Participants receiving vaccinations must also show proof of a previous vaccination certificate. Vaccines offered are Sinovac, Sinopham, and Pfizer for ages 6 and up.

In Bandung, Mayapada Hospital with the title of Green Hospital is ready to operate in the beginning of 2023. Being the first hospital under Mayapada Healthcare that is related to the environment, Mayapada Hospital Bandung consists of 14 floors on an area of ​​about 2 hectares with opportunities 298 beds.

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Mayapada Hospital Bandung is also supported by a comprehensive team of many medical professionals, ranging from specialists to specialists, medical examinations and tests. -support tests, and proven to be ready to serve demanding patients from all over Java.