March 7 strike: what to expect on this day of heavy mobilization?

March 7 strike: what to expect on this day of heavy mobilization?

For March 7, the eight largest French unions and five youth organizations called a black day against pension reform and reiterated their desire to bring France to a standstill.

The organizations promise to make this the most important day of strikes and demonstrations since the anti-pension reform strikes began. The CFDT announced Monday it would join the rail workers’ CGT, SUD-Rail and UNSA rail in the strike, which will continue. The CFDT has opted for union unity, as it has done since the beginning of the mobilization, to weigh as much as possible during the Senate debates and try to dissuade the government from reform. At the RATP, in Paris local transport, all unions there have also opted for the extendable strike, so disruptions in the subway lasting several days are to be expected.

There are other sectors where the CGT wants a daily renewal of the strike: chemicals, energy, ports, docks, garbage collection. In any case, there will be at least two days of strong mobilization. In addition, the Interunion for Education, which brings together the seven largest teachers’ unions, called for the strikes to allow for the “complete closure of schools, colleges, colleges and services”.

“We agree that the goal is to be better than January 31.”

Yvan Ricordeau, CFDT National Secretary

As a reminder, as of January 31, unions had identified more than 2.5 million protesters and authorities 1.27 million. The government spokesman told him on Wednesday that the strike poses a risk to ecology in France because for him ” Shutting down the country means risking an ecological, agricultural, health and even human catastrophe in a matter of months ».

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…by Andrea Barille