Look at the character of Keke Girl, Mamba Girl, and World Girl

Look at the character of Keke Girl, Mamba Girl, and World Girl


and time virus from social media terms that describe women’s style in terms of color style loading Especially for users TikTokmust be familiar with the terms cake girl, world girl, and world girl.

The cake girl describes the image of a woman who often dresses in bright and colorful clothes. The girls of the world refer to the women who dress in blue or the sound of the world.

While the mamba girl is used to refer to women who are wearing all kinds of clothes from top to bottom.

Different colors used, different characteristics of each woman. A color consultant Oya Minanti said that the differences in the personality of each girl, member, and world girl can be seen from the colors that are used in clothes.

1. A girl’s bike

The cake girl is a woman who likes to mix bright colors in her clothes. Not only colorful, these people also like to play with bold colors.

According to Oya, from the choice of colors that are usually pastel, the cake girl has a soft personality.

Currently, girls who prefer bright colors are the ones who always shine in their daily life.

2. Member girl

Beautiful girl with red lipstick and short hair wearing a black shirt, standing against a concrete wall.Example. The choice of colors of cake girls, member girls, and world girls can compare to each other’s personality. (iStockphoto/ Deniskomarov)

The word mamba here is taken from the word ‘black mamba’ which means a woman who likes black color. So, if you want to wear black from top to bottom, then you should definitely wear it load woman woman

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Oya explains that ‘Mamba girls show attitude’surgical‘same to you’surprise‘.

“Mostly dark colors such as dark brown, maroon, or navy blue that give strength andsurgical’. These people are usually afraid of being contacted,” said Oya, during an online Talk Shopee session some time ago.

3. Girl of the Earth

An earthy girl can mean a woman who likes to wear earth-colored clothes (the sound of the world). For example, brown, gray, purple, dark green, terracotta, or orange.

According to Oya, mostly colors the sound of the world it shows a small nature, humility, and simplicity.


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