London Student Creates Ecovado, Fake Avocado to Reduce Carbon Emissions

London Student Creates Ecovado, Fake Avocado to Reduce Carbon Emissions

Ecovado is an artificial fruit made from green ingredients that are produced from a combination of ingredients. Having a shape similar to a real avocado and stuffed with fake avocado skin made of wax, the Ecovado is hard to tell apart from a real avocado.

The ingredients used to make Ecovado are easy to find. Intended as an alternative to avocados, Ecovado is the result of a combination of different ingredients.

Quoting from, Shokouhi explained the process of making Ecovado inside food, “The process of making Ecovado begins with identifying the chemical content of the avocado and the function of each cell in the avocado to find the right ingredients to make Ecovado that is better than homemade, has a positive impact on the environment, and to ‘ Don’t rely on unsustainable crops like avocados. Shokouhi said.

The main ingredients used to make Ecovado are ingredients that are easy to grow and obtain in the UK. These ingredients are m beans, hazelnut, apple, and rapeseed oil. Broad beans It was chosen as the main ingredient of Ecovado because it contains bitter substances, namely tannin and lipoxygenase.

Later m beans, Hazelnuts are also used in the manufacture of Ecovado as an oil substitute. Hazelnuts also work to improve texture surgical in Ecovado which is the real avocado brand. Finally, to create the leather, Ecovado uses wax and walnut to wrap the outside. Wax and walnuts were chosen because they have the texture of real avocado skin, with a stone-like texture.

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Shukouhi said that the choice of ingredients for the Ecovado recipe was a big challenge, because the avocado has a very mild and sweet taste that can be described as sour.