Lola Dewaere enjoys her social media addiction

Lola Dewaere enjoys her social media addiction

In an exclusive interview granted to the Télé Loisirs website, Lola Dewaere spoke about her relationship with social networks. And openly enjoys her addiction to the various applications she uses and abuses.

Totally addicting. The actress Lola Dewaere is omnipresent on the networks, especially on Instagram, where she is used to sharing her obsessions with her subscribers: quotes, personal photos, self-mockery, humor, rants, etc. anything goes.

A way for her to keep in touch with her fans. “It’s great fun. I don’t take anything seriously,” she says in an exclusive interview with the Télé Loisirs website. “Being active on the networks allows me to be in touch, to connect with the people who follow me and it’s very important to me, but I don’t do it at all for fame or for people under my thumb,” she continues.

But sometimes, she herself has to admit, her wanderings on social networks can greatly affect her personal life. Finally, mainly on his sleep. “I have a little too much fun waking up at 3am, reposting a picture in the middle of the night, that sucks… and waking up the next day with suitcases under my eyes… No, I’m going too far. I’ll admit I have a little problem with social media… a big one. It’s very addicting! But for now I like it. It makes me feel good!” she admits.

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