“LOL: whoever laughs comes out! “Why doesn’t Blanche Gardin want to do the show?

“LOL: whoever laughs comes out! “Why doesn’t Blanche Gardin want to do the show?

Comedian Blanche Gardin on Thursday, April 20, rejected the proposal of the video-on-demand platform Amazon Prime, which invited him to take part in the fourth season of the program “LOL: Whoever laughs, come out! “, announced in March on social networks.

Blanche Gardin thought about it on Thursday April 20th “It would really hurt his ass” to accept such an offer from the platform to participate in the program “LOL: who laughs is coming out!”. acclaimed by audiences whose new season has aired on Amazon Prime Video for the past few months. The actress and comedian thus stands out from the cast that took part in the first three seasons of the show, which has been broadcast on Amazon Prime Video since 2021 and presented by Philippe Lacheau: with in particular Kyan Khojandi, Alexandra Lamy, Inès Reg, Melha Bedia, Ramzy Bedia , Eric Judor, Camille Lellouche, Ahmed Sylla, Leïla Bekhti, Jonathan Cohen, Virginie Efira, François Damiens, Paul Mirabel or Pierre Niney.

It all starts with a long message the comedian posted on Facebook, a post that is a tongue-in-cheek response to an invitation from Jeff Bezos, owner of the Amazon Prime platform. Blanche Gardin declines her invitation in a croaky tone, giving several reasons to argue her refusal: ” Very, very dear Mr. Bezos, I’m sorry Having to decline your invitation to participate in the next season of LOL game: who rit sort ! That day I have dentist. It also happens that I would be ashamed of the armholes […] Paying 200,000 euros for a day’s work “. Let’s remember the aim of the show: to make your opponents laugh in order to eliminate them. Whoever laughs, leaves immediately. The winner is the one who was able to remain impassive. Then he leaves a club the total of 50,000 euros. The comedian explains that she doesn’t feel comfortable being paid an exorbitant sum for a job of only eight hours while a charity ” would win 50,000 euros, that isie 4 times less, and still only if I win ».

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In addition, Blanche Gardin expresses her unease about the Amazon company, which does not pay its taxes in France, emits significant amounts of greenhouse gases, uses labor from Uyghur concentration camps, destroys retail jobs and creates tedious jobs in dehumanized camps.

Finally, the author underlines his dream of seeing his films in cinemas instead of promoting a streaming platform.

And Blanche Gardin concludes by challenging Jeff Bezos: ” completely rethink (Son) Business »…

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