Live TV: How to Access Live TV Channels on the Internet?

Live TV: How to Access Live TV Channels on the Internet?

It’s no secret that television is of great importance. With TV channels you can access information from all over the world, educate yourself, but also entertain. Nowadays it is possible to watch your favorite shows from a device other than the TV in the living room. Thanks to the development of technology and the internet, many solutions are available to access live channels from your smartphone, tablet or computer via the internet. Discover them in the rest of this article.

Go to websites

It is now possible to watch live TV on the Internet for free through specialized sites such as PlayTv. These platforms give you access to the most viewed streaming-style news channels France 2, France 3, TF1, M6, Arte and BFM TV. Your kids will also enjoy watching their comics and shows on channels like Guili, MTV, Cine+ Famiz, Canal+ Kids and many others. You can follow all these channels on your PC, tablet or smartphone. Some websites even offer the possibility to travel back in time thanks to the functionality Repetition.

use apps

Another solution to watch your live TV channels for free is by using apps. Several major operators make these available to their subscribers to enable them to do this Watch all the channels in the TV package to which they have subscribed, and at the best conditions. They are compatible with various devices including smartphones, tablets and computers. Likewise, the applications adapt to multiple operating systems, regardless of whether Windows, Android, Mac OS, iOS. Besides live TV channels, these apps also provide a recording option for your broadcasts, a playback function to enjoy your delayed broadcasts, but also the video on the inquiry. You just have to choose the one that interests you, download and install it to be able to access all your favorite channels.

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Install decoder

To access live TV on the Internet, you can choose to install a TV decoder. The latter allows you Check out all the free channels included with your subscription. For example, you can access France 2 live, TV5, France 4. It is important to know that the TV decoder is automatically offered to you by your network operator when you subscribe to an Internet+TV box. The installation requires the intervention of a professional to connect the TV decoder, internet box and television. Note that the TV decoder, like applications, also offers other functions, such as:

  • Registration Services ;
  • through repetition ;
  • from Video on demand.