List of 10 Most Poor Countries in the World, Number Indonesia What?

List of 10 Most Poor Countries in the World, Number Indonesia What?

Sadness title slow movement become a popular phenomenon recently. If there is the poorest country in the world, which country is eligible?

A study conducted by researchers at Stanford University in the United States tried to find answers to the above questions. Considering the average number of steps, it is said that some countries have residents who are too lazy to move.

This research was conducted in 2017. The research involved 700 thousand people in 46 countries.

Research published in the journal Weather he thinks Hong Kong is the busiest country. The average Hong Kong resident takes 6,880 steps per day.

The biologist who led the research, Scott Delp, claimed that the research was 1,000 times better than previous research.

So, which country deserves the title of the poorest country in the world? The answer is Indonesia.

The initiative USA Today, the average Indonesian takes only 3,513 steps a day. This figure is still below the global average of 4,961 steps per day.

Here is a list of the top 10 poorest countries in the world:

1. Indonesia (3,513 steps per day)
2. Saudi Arabia (3,807 steps per day)
3. Malaysia (3,963 steps per day)
4. Philippines (4,008 steps per day)
5. South Africa (4,105 steps per day)
6. Qatar (4,158 steps per day)
7. Brazil (4,289 steps per day)
8. India (4,297 steps per day)
9. Egypt (4,315 steps per day)
10. Greece (4,350 steps per day)

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Inactivity or what is now known as sedentary lifestyle increases the risk of obesity. In Indonesia itself, the obesity rate continues to increase from year to year.

Based on information Riskesdas 2018, the obesity rate is 21.8. This figure continues to increase from 14.8 in 2013 and 10.5 in 2007.


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