Like Angèle, what does it mean to be “pansexual”?

Like Angèle, what does it mean to be “pansexual”?

The singer Angèle revealed this during her participation in the show The Papotin meetingsbroadcast on France 2 on Saturday May 20 that she describes herself as “pansexual”.

Angèle was invited to take part in the show The meetings of papotin, moderated by journalists who are carriers of autism spectrum disorders. After Gilles Lellouche, Camille Cottin, Julien Doré, Emmanuel Macron, Virginie Efira and Josiane Balasko, Angèle was therefore a guest of the program this Saturday and answered the questions of these journalists.

One of them, Jean, questioned Angèle about her sexuality, asking her if she was bisexual and if she had a girlfriend or boyfriend. Angèle responded by confirming that she is indeed bisexual and went even further: ” I would even say that I am pansexual “. And then to explain this sexual orientation:

« I can fall in love with a boy or a girl, with a non-binary transgender person. It’s not a choice, I don’t choose to fall in love, it’s just someone. The feeling of love, having butterflies in your stomach, whether it’s a girl or a boy, for me it’s the same. »

Angèle has confirmed that she feels the same feelings of love, the same butterflies in her stomach, regardless of whether she is a boy or a girl. She expressed that gender doesn’t matter to her when it comes to feeling emotions and being attracted to someone.

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But what does it mean to be “pansexual”?

Being pansexual means being romantically, emotionally, or sexually attracted to people regardless of their gender or gender identity.

Pansexuality differs from bisexual sexual orientation, which is about attraction to two genders, mostly male and female. Pansexual people go beyond these binary categories and recognize the existence of and attraction to a broader range of gender identities.

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