Let Auto Take Over, Try Some Of These Special Surprises When Showing Him Love

Let Auto Take Over, Try Some Of These Special Surprises When Showing Him Love

stylediacreativo.com, Jakarta Before the yellow color leaves the crease, it is not too late to express love. Especially if you have been in love with him for a long time. If you are ready to take the most important step, do not hesitate to ask for her hand.

You can also express your feelings to him by giving him various unexpected surprises. With some special future gifts, you can express your love for him. Guaranteed to reject it. Am I interested in something?

Buy her a beautiful dress that will look good on her

The first step you have to do is to buy her a beautiful dress that can make her look beautiful. If he wants to look like a woman, then clothes with the product off the top of the shoulder The black color can make it look simple, but still good. Complete her style with a complexion excellence

If you are a cheerful woman, choose a dress in a soft soft color as well wearing. Include high heels orange color, it will definitely make it very interesting. Another clothing model that is also suitable as a gift for him is a satin dress with colorful colors, such as brown, white, black, or black. maroon. This satin dress goes well with mules.

Invite him to a Romantic Dinner at Five Star Restaurant

After preparing her beautiful clothes as a special gift for her, then arrange romantic dinner with him. Take him out for a romantic dinner at a five-star restaurant or the best in your town. It’s even more romantic if you can take heart personal in the restaurant, so it is more comfortable when walking together.

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Really Look For Her With Unique Diamond Jewelry

In the middle of a romantic dinner with him, prepare the ultimate plan to propose to him. You can search with new jewelry collections, like Frank & co.’s TinyTAN Special Collection. Ended yesterday, TinyTAN Special Collection by Frank & co. it is now back and available at Frank & co stores. scattered throughout Indonesia.

This new collection of Korean-inspired jewelry is perfect for all occasions and ages, so there’s no reason to stop #StateFranknco. This collection features 7 BTS conduct TinyTAN, the characters inspired by BTS, namely RM, Jin, SUGA, j-hope, Jimin, V, and Jung Kook. Exclusive TinyTAN by Frank & co. It consists of 28 pieces, namely 7 diamond necklaces, 7 diamond bracelets, 7 gold necklaces, and 7 gold bracelets.

But about gold ornaments Exclusive TinyTAN collection by Frank & co. It is made of professional SNI 18K gold, while diamond jewelry Frank & Co.’s TinyTAN Special Collection uses a 0.055 carat F-VVS diamond. This collection uses collaboration paper program chain same to you a rope chain, where the decorative details are drawn with the CNS device, which creates the original design. This jewelry collection also uses it finish the mirrorso it gives a very golden look.

Plus, to get motivated and inspired, watch the #StatementwithFranknco campaign video first from #Franknco. The campaign video tells different stories of celebrations in life for every hopeful, personal, and precious moment.

Through this campaign, Frank & co. invites people to #declare your love from the heart, and celebrate every moment, hope, and precious people in your life. In total there are six stories of life journeys from different people and different examples life stages which you can capture in a 60 second video.

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One of them is a story about when a man proposed to his lover with a Frank Fire engagement ring from Frank & co. There is also a story of a man who chose reward yourself Men’s jewelry collection rings from Frank & co. for their achievements, the story of an old couple who showed their love for each other with a special gift in the form of a Blue Sapphire diamond ring from Frank & co., and the story of how love is shown to the child. his mother by gifting luxury diamonds such as Peony necklace by Frank & co.

Not to be outdone, watch the full video on YouTube Frank & co. We should know, video war This is part of the # NyatakandenganFranknco campaign series after the launch of the web series titled “Asmara, Harapan, Rindu” launched in 2021.

For those of you who want to have a wide variety of jewelry by Frank & co. show a video war You can go directly to Frank & co. scattered throughout Indonesia. Also confirm follow Instagram account @franknco_id and visit Frank & co’s website. inhabit renew with an exclusive collection of diamond jewelry from Frank & co.