Lee Seung Gi reportedly failed to sell a 477-seat concert hall

Lee Seung Gi reportedly failed to sell a 477-seat concert hall

GI Seung Lee he would have failed to sell a 477-seat concert.

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On April 20, a report claimed that actor/singer Lee Seung Gi was criticized for getting married Lee gives inhe was unable to fill a 477-seat hall for his Korean concert.

According to the report, although many had expected tickets to the actor/singer’s show to sell out, despite the fact that tickets went on sale on April 6, against expectations, between 25 and 40 seats were still available for the show as of the April 20 concert. . In addition, out of a total of 1,908 seats available for purchase on the website over the four dates, 141 seats were still available. The report claims that even the singer’s weekend show didn’t sell out.

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That’s shocking considering the singer has already sold out a 15,000-seat stadium. The news is even more shocking given the small deeds, such as heytheir 500-seat concert sold out in a minute while Kim Yoon ah from Jaurim His 700-seat concert was recently sold out.

News of Lee Seung Gi’s bad acting follows netizens’ criticism of his marriage to Lee Da In. Lee Seung Gi previously addressed the criticism in a lengthy letter to fans, but it seems many are still upset.

From the manipulation by his company to the truth about his wife’s family scandal, Lee Seung Gi tells it all in a lengthy statement

Netizens reacted with surprise to the news, while others claimed that Lee Seung Gi should have expected this outcome due to the controversy surrounding his marriage.

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  • “Are people going there?
  • “I should have expected that.”
  • “Huh, really? This (boycott) is working… I thought everyone would go ahead…”
  • “Wow, he ruined his own destiny. Crazy.”
  • “Are Lee Seung Gi’s songs bad? Although there is controversy, singers who sing well and have a lot of good songs usually do well in concert…”
  • “There are people who really go there, LOL. Sigh, tsk tsk.
  • “Since people are always showing up, it would be great if Lee Da In had a front row seat.”
  • “I guess people go there LOL. He seriously ruined his own destiny.”
  • “Wow, again, this (boycott) works.”

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