Lee Seung Gi, Ahn Hee Yeon, Kim Young Kwang, Lee Sung Kyung, Jung Yu Mi • Kpopnews

Lee Seung Gi, Ahn Hee Yeon, Kim Young Kwang, Lee Sung Kyung, Jung Yu Mi • Kpopnews

YTN Star reviewed the fashions of singers and actors who have appeared in public over the past week, listing those with the worst styles.

Unfortunately, Lee Seung Gi, Ahn Hee Yeon, Kim Young Kwang, Lee Sung Kyun and Jung Yu Mi were voted this week’s “Worst Dressers”.

First off, Lee Seung Gi, who just announced his marriage to Lee Da In, left for Dubai to film the TV show Bromarble. Ahn Hee Yeon formerly known as EXID’s Hani, Kim Young Kwang and Lee Sung Kyung attended the Disney+ Original Series Call It Love press conference. Finally, Jung Yu Mi joined the cast of tvN’s “Jinny’s Kitchen” during the show’s press conference.

◆ Lee Seung Gi

Her outfits look warm and cozy but are too normal. His jacket and pants are too tight, which makes his body appear larger. Her sparkly lime green mask and yellow shoes don’t go at all with the all-white ensemble.

What if he wore jeans? What if the shoes weren’t yellow? Shouldn’t he choose white items to match his hat and outerwear? Was it the best he could do?

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It’s understandable that Lee Seung Gi had to wear a hat because he recently shaved his hair for a film shoot, but it would have been better if he had chosen a different type of hat for his casual outfits instead of a hat.

◆ Ahn Hee Yeon

The overall light color and intense floral patterns are okay, but the fit is pretty disappointing. The pants are too long and easy to wear, while the baggy jacket made her beautiful waist disappear.

Ahn Hee Yeon looked a little lethargic in her “Spring Pajama” fashion. She didn’t look like she was at a dramatic press conference, but at an SS fashion show in the 70’s or 80’s. This style was successful because it was worn by Ahn Hee Yeon.

◆ Kim Young Kwang

Instead of bold fashion, it went over the top as the actor tried to wear everything at once, including a sleeveless shirt, gold necklaces, baggy pants and a pair of trainers designed to look like swim shoes.

Kim Young-kwang's mode

This outfit resembles the leggy balloon man you sometimes see on the street. In addition, baggy jeans halved Kim Young Kwang’s plus-size advantage. It’s also a pity that he wears shoes that look like rubber tires.

Her outfit was very fashionable except for the outerwear. Once you looked down, expectations turned to disappointment. Jeans have no cut. The necklace definitely doesn’t match her luxurious image.

◆ Lee Sung Kyung

A thick belt has the effect of slimming the waist, but this belt does not go well with Lee Sung Kyung’s hooded dress. Whenever she moves, the dark blue perimeter line visible above the belt is uncomfortable.

Mode Lee Sung Kyung

Was it that day that Lee Sung Kyung decided to associate Kim Young Kwang with denim fashion? Still, the leather belt concealing her tiny waist was a bit over the top.

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The denim dress is strange, too long, hiding Lee Sung Kyung’s chic charm. The neckline design of the dress is strange. The fit is unflattering. Her shoes are too flashy and don’t go with the rest of the outfit.

◆ Jung Yu Mi

Jung Yu Mi’s dress has luxurious and elegant details, but the other pieces she wore ruin the overall look. If only she could get rid of overly voluminous hair, makeup that accentuated her eyes too much, and uncomfortable platform shoes. The frightening height of the heels seems at odds with its small and charming charm.


Wearing this outfit at the Jinny’s Kitchen press conference, Jung Yumi looked like she was presenting an entertainment show set in the 1960s.

Her hairdo and shoes appear to have declined over time. Although it’s a retro style, it doesn’t match Jung Yu Mi’s image.

Source: Naver.