Lee Je Hoon reveals his high school romance… “Are you okay?” • Kpop News

Lee Je Hoon reveals his high school romance… “Are you okay?” • Kpop News

Actor Lee Je Hoon attracted attention by being honest about his romance despite not being asked.

Lee Je Hoon appeared as a guest on TVN’s You Quiz on the Block (hereinafter referred to as You Quiz) on April 19.

Lee Je Hoon said: “I used to be class representative. Ah, I suddenly remembered that I was in a relationship when I was a sophomore in high school.

Yoo Jae Suk was excited and said“Oh, I didn’t even ask, but you speak of love.” Lee Je Hoon remembered, “This friend studied well and I continued to be class representative. In the second grade we were in different classes. In the third year we split up and then we were in the same class. We took part in the election of the class representative together. I worked hard because I thought it would be a bit embarrassing to fail here. I said to my classmates, ‘Please pick me. I will create a really fun school life. However, I failed immediately.

Lee Je Hoon made people laugh when he confessed: “She became class president. I was good at appeals and often raised my hand in class, but every time I tried to do something, the class president would criticize me severely. I remember going to school quietly in the third grade.

He added, “On graduation day, my older sister told me to take one last picture. I remember the last time I took a picture with this friend. He then sent a video letter: “Are you alright?”

Source: Nate

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