Lee Jae Wook and Jo Bo Ah are reportedly collaborating on Tangeum

Lee Jae Wook and Jo Bo Ah are reportedly collaborating on Tangeum

Actors Lee Jae Wook and Jo Bo Ah will be collaborating in the mysterious romance drama Tangeum.

According to Sports World, Lee Jae Wook and Jo Bo Ah are coordinating their appearance in new drama Tangeum on April 19.

“Tangeum” is a romantic historical drama based on the novel of the same name. Set in a trading group during the Joseon Dynasty, it revolves around the mystery of a son who suddenly returns after disappearing and his half-sister who pursues the truth. It sheds light on the then missing children. Tangeum is directed by genre master Kim Hong Sun, who also directed the dramas Voice, The Guest, Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area and The Bait. It was written by author Kim Jin Ah of “Dr. Brain” and produced by Acemaker.

Lee Jae Wook plays Hong Rang. He grew up like a prince but disappeared at a young age and then suddenly returned more than a decade later.

Jo Bo Ah takes on the role of Jae Yi. Jae Yi grew up like weeds amid her birth father’s neglect and stepmother’s abuse. She lived by relying on her half-brother, Hong Rang, but when Hong Rang disappeared, she faced a great ordeal.


Lee Jae Wook successfully helmed two seasons of tvN’s romantic fantasy action drama Alchemy of Souls, which concluded earlier this year. After receiving positive reviews for digesting various genres like action, romance, and bromance, he recently made a strong impression by having a featured appearance as Sol Kyung Gu’s young counterpart in Netflix’s Kill Boksoon. Expectations are high as Lee Jae Wook, who challenges the second historical drama after Alchemy of Souls, will meet viewers in Tangeum. Also highly anticipated is the new face of Jo Bo Ah, who morphed into military prosecutor Cha Woo In on tvN’s “Military Prosecutor Doberman” last year.

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Source: Naver