Lee Hwan Hee (UP10TION) leaves “BOYS PLANET” due to health reasons Soompi

Lee Hwan Hee (UP10TION) leaves “BOYS PLANET” due to health reasons Soompi

Lee Hwan Hee has left BOYS PLANET.

On March 9, UP10TION agency TOP Media announced that Lee Hwan Hee is leaving the survival show Mnet, on which he is running, due to health reasons.

Read her statement below:

” Bonjour.
It’s TOP Media.

Lee Hwan Hee from UP10TION can no longer participate in Mnet’s “BOYS PLANET” due to health reasons and has dropped out of the program.

Since Hwan Hee’s health has greatly improved, he will undergo various tests necessary for a full recovery and his daily life will not be affected.

Thank you to the fans who have supported him so far.

thank you »

Lee Hwan Hee wrote a personal letter after leaving the show, saying:

“Hello, this is Lee Hwan Hee!

First of all, thank you for sending us so much support and love.

I really wanted to present a performance that gives that back to you… Unfortunately, I can no longer take part in “BOYS PLANET” for health reasons…

I would want to show even a little bit of a good picture if I could, but I can’t help but feel overwhelmed.

After receiving a doctor’s diagnosis that excessive activity was impossible at the moment, I decided to end the program if I was disturbing my friends in “BOYS PLANET” or anyone else.

Thanks to the BOYS PLANET show I met good friends and got a lot of really happy memories and valuable experiences! Thanks very much !

Also in the future I will be a Hwan Hee who works hard and doesn’t give up to show a good image!!

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Currently, my health is improving day by day, so I will see you again as the brilliant Lee Hwan Hee in the near future.

Thanks again for the support sent! It was Lee Hwan Hee!! »