Latest Sikka Ikat Weaving Designs by Didiet Maulana and Iyonono

Latest Sikka Ikat Weaving Designs by Didiet Maulana and Iyonono

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Home MSMEs The local Pendopo teamed up with two designers Maulana’s food and Iyonono to be familiar with Sikka ikat from East Nusa Tenggara. Sikka’s Ikat weave is also in a modern play with a new look.

In Sikka Regency, NTT, weaving is done in a traditional way. The journey of cotton to a piece of clothing is very long. First, the cotton is dried in the sun to dry, and then it is separated from the cotton seeds. After that, the cotton thread is ground and spun into yarn. These threads should be stretched and tied.

The work of women from Sikka Regency was then shown in a contemporary performance at the Hall, Living World Alam Sutera, Tangerang on Wednesday (11/23).

“We are also inviting artists Musa Iyonono and Didiet Maulana to participate in the creation of this factory so that it can follow the needs of today,” said the director of Pendopo Tasya Widya Krisnadi.

A total of 58 clothing collections were showcased including the Senandung Sikka Lilit by Pendopo collection which showcased the variety of uses of Sikka Ikat without cuts and the Senandung Sikka Ready to Wear by Pendopo or collection made from Sikka Ikat.

However, the presentation from Ikat Indonesia by Didiet Maulana and designer Iyonono was able to steal the attention of everyone who witnessed it.

Sikka by Iyonono

Young designer Iyonono takes on 18 looks for his fashion collection titled ‘Sikka’. It manipulates woven patches into details and textures for a stunning display of clothing.

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She admits that her collection takes the philosophy of red thread where her red thread this time is women behind the clothes she wears. She is the one who empowered the mothers in Cirebon and Kuningan so that the result of their work was ‘integrated’ with the handiwork of the mothers in Sikka Regency.

“This is the philosophy of fate, I am drawing news from our city. [Di kampung saya] all the workers are women, even in Sikka they are women workers, so I pulled the thread from there,” said Iyonono when he met them after the show.

Sikka’s Ikat weaves ‘colorful’ clothing silhouettes such as overalls, trousers, skirts, tops, outerwear and long dresses. Iyonono presents clothes with a breath of ‘rebel’ where the clothes come in a rebel style such as cuts, asymmetrical necklines, details in the form of small chains on women’s clothes and combinations with skirts suitable for men.

For Iyonono, clothing is genderless, so it doesn’t limit its users to mix and match. Patches are processed into details for collars, pockets, belts, and outer garment lines.

Then almost all the clothes use details in the form of flowers from the fabric to give color to the shape. Iyonono admits that these flowers are the symbol of his design.

“I was born in a mountainous area so I took to nature [berupa bunga]” he added.

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