Last Abang Babu 2022, Anies Fata Winners Will Become Jakarta Ambassadors in the World

Last Abang Babu 2022, Anies Fata Winners Will Become Jakarta Ambassadors in the World

Governor of DKI Jakarta Anies Baswedan Open the election at night Abang Babu Jakarta 2022 at Ciputra Artpreneur Theatre, Jakarta, Friday (2/9).

Anies hopes that the chosen Abang and None will not only be ambassadors of tourism, but also ambassadors of Jakarta as a global city in the world.

“Everyone is looking at Jakarta, everyone has witnessed that now Jakarta can be equal to other cities in the world. We have planned that Abang None, who will enter the finals tonight, has the task of representing Jakarta in the world city scene,” he said. Anies

Anies hopes that the elected Abang and no one else can represent Jakarta on the world stage.

“Exit [mereka] Representing Jakarta, in representing the idea that we are changing in line with other cities in the world,” said Anies.

As it is known, tonight 38 people Abang and None Jakarta will compete in front of nine judges.

This year, the Abang and Babu Jakarta elections will be held for the first time since the outbreak of the Covid-19 disease. The 50th Abang Babu Jakarta election was held in conjunction with the 2022 (U20) meeting of mayors.

The Abang None Jakarta 2022 election series has started since last June. It is chosen from the representatives of each city/county. Then the top three people with the most votes were sent to the provincial level.

At the provincial level, they participate in briefings and training to improve their skills as Jakarta Ambassadors.

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After that, the winner of Abang None Jakarta and other winners will perform their duties for the next year. They are expected to contribute greatly to the development of Indonesia, especially Jakarta, in terms of potential tourism, creative economy, and culture.


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