Kwon Eunbi is praised by RUBI for his impressive proportions, according to Kpop News

Kwon Eunbi is praised by RUBI for his impressive proportions, according to Kpop News

Kwon Eunbi has captured everyone’s heart with her flawless looks and striking proportions.

That’s what their RUBI fandoms say!

RUBI raves about the extraordinary proportions of Kwon Eunbi

On March 13th, Kwon Eunbi caught RUBI’s attention because of her stunning proportions.

(Photo: Panchoa)

Kwon Eunbi deserves praise from RUBI for her striking proportions

(Photo: Panchoa)

Singer RUBI’s fandom uploaded two photos of Eunbi and congratulated her on her height which is said to be 158cm.

Fans were also surprised by her small face, which complemented her facial features. On a separate note, some fans have also seen IZ*ONE up close and find their little faces beautiful, including Eunbi. Some even looked like a real princess!

Kwon Eunbi

(Photo: Twitter: @KWONEUNBI)

Kwon Eunbi is one of the most famous personalities in K-Pop and convinces with her presence and her talent as well as her looks. During the IZ*ONE era she was the charismatic leader of the group, which she also supported during her era as a soloist.

Fans were excited to see how Eunbi would continue after IZ*ONE’s contractual dissolution. Still, she managed to surprise fans by stepping out bop after bop. Eunbi debuted her first song “Door” on August 24, 2021.

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This was followed in 2022 by her kinetic debut track Glitch and the tranquil Underwater. Since then, Eunbi has built a growing fan base.

Kwon Eunbi

(Photo: Twitter: @Kpop_Herald)

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As her fandom has grown, this has resulted in Eunbi being more active than ever in her promotions and her presence never ceases to amaze fans.

See her comments below:

“Her face was the smallest when she was in IZ*ONE.”

“Huh, hello? Seriously, I’ve never seen Kwon Eunbi, but I thought she was in her mid-160s. Her proportions look really good.”

“What? I knew his height, but wow, his proportions are taebak.”

“I saw IZ*ONE up close. Kim Minju, Jang Wonyoung and Kwon Eunbi shocked me how small their faces looked.”

“I’m 158 too, but how can she look so different? She is a princess.”

Kwon Eunbi surprisingly did this in preparation for his Color album

In other news, Kwon Eunbi has finally left her circle to express her own creativity. On April 4, 2022 at 6pm KST, Kwon Eunbi made a comeback with his second mini-album Color.

In Color, the album features six songs, including OFF, Colors, Magnetic, The Colors of Light, Speed ​​of Love, and its title track, Glitch. Before the actual release, some of the album’s concept photos were uploaded and one of the teasers featured Eunbi underwater.

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(Photo: Eunbi (Instagram))

Color Kwon Eunbi

(Photo: Twitter: @KWONEUNBI)

On April 7, 2022, Eunbi’s agency, Woollim Entertainment, released a Q&A session on Korean media. During the chat, Eunbi talked about what it’s like to shoot underwater and said that it was the first time she had done such a unique photoshoot.

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Eubi said:

“During the preparation of this album I tried my hand at underwater photography for the first time. It was very difficult. I drank a lot of water and had trouble opening my eyes. I am satisfied with the beautiful pictures and videos.”

What do you think of Eunbi’s amazing proportions? Let us know in the comments below!

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