Krystian’s ranking fell after “personality controversy” on Boys Planet

Krystian’s ranking fell after “personality controversy” on Boys Planet

Mnet’s Boys Planet show, which aired last week, conducted the first qualifying candidate announcement ceremony.

Yeo Jin Goo surprised everyone by saying that the first global vote received over 52 million votes from 176 countries.

Krystian's ranking dropped to a "personality dispute" in the Boys Planet K selection

The benefits were also enormous. The final first place will have a solo song on the first album as well as the title track portion of the first album. All couldn’t help but be surprised at the greater benefits, saying: “A solo song? »

Then the ceremonial announcement of the qualified candidates began. The 52nd place and the TOP9 were revealed last, so the excitement lasted until the end.

Lee Da Eul Boy Planet

The ranking lists were announced individually. First, Lee Da Eul from Team “Danger” took 13th place. Lee Da Eul expressed his feelings: “I wonder if I deserve this ranking, but if you wait I’ll come back to you with a better image. »

When the rankings were announced, there were many trainees whose placements fluctuated by more than 10 places.

Krystian's ranking dropped to 33 after personality controversy (Boys Planet).

Yoo Seung Eon climbed 17 ranks to 26th, Mun Jung Hyun climbed 12 ranks to 23rd, Cong climbed 13 ranks to 35th, and Park Han Bin climbed 14 ranks to 35th 22nd place. Also, Kum Jun Hyeon moved up 17 ranks to 14th place, while Yoon Jong Woo moved up 29 ranks to 38th place.

While vertically ascending trainees dominated, Chinese trainee Krystian, who was embroiled in a personality dispute, stood out as his ranking dropped noticeably. Previously, Krystian was criticized for only communicating in Chinese despite being able to speak English and for insisting on being the center of attention.

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Krystian's ranking crashed after personality controversy (Boys Planet)

Perhaps aware of this reaction, Krystian spoke when his ranking was established. Krystian, who introduced himself as “Hi, I’m the wrong person Krystian”, called : “’Back Door’ was a whole new experience for me. I also want to spread joy and love. Please expect to see the new Krystian from now on. THANKS. »

The announcement of the qualified candidates of the 14 teams has ended, followed by the announcement of the TOP9 and the 52nd place. Jay placed 9th, Keita placed 8th and Lee Hoe Taek placed 7th. Kim Gyu Vin, who placed 6th, stood out by showing a whopping 1 million votes difference to #7 Lee Hoe Taek and Krystian in 37th.

Krystian's ranking fell after personality controversy (Boys Planet) 3

5th place was Zhang Hao and 4th place was Han Yu Jin. The TOP3 had retained concrete rankings with Sung Han Bin at No. 1, Han Yu Jin at No. 2, and Kim Ji Woong at No. 3. This time, however, Han Yu Jin took 4th place, losing 2 places.

Krystian's ranking plummeted after the Boys Planet personality controversy

Kim Ji Woong maintained his current position by taking 3rd place. Of course, the top spot went to Sung Han Bin, but everyone was impressed with Seok Matthew’s rise. He took 2nd place instead of Han Yu Jin.

Sung Han Bin showed his humble side: “I don’t think first place is absolute so I will work harder in the future. Please look forward to it. »