Korean singer in her 30s ended her life Soompi

Korean singer in her 30s ended her life Soompi

A singer unfortunately ended her life.

Media reported today that a 30-year-old trotting singer was found dead at her home on May 12.

Police reportedly found a letter written by the singer at the scene, and according to media reports, police are currently in no doubt as to the cause of death.

According to the first statements made by the police, the singer would have committed suicide, although the reasons for this decision were not disclosed.

The singer was known as a trotting singer and we caught her in a musical survival act earlier this year.

If you ever need help, remember to seek help and support. There are many numbers you can call if you need help, but you can also contact relatives or someone you trust. Remember that life is precious, your existence matters and most importantly, you are not alone.

Source: xportsnews

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