Korean series coming in 2023

Korean series coming in 2023

More Kdramas Coming to Netflix France in 2023!

The American streaming platform launches several Korean kdramas, movies and shows this year. Among these works, several series will return with new seasons!

netflix france 2023 kdrama

This year, Netflix’s catalog of Korean series will explore different genres ranging from romantic comedy to social criticism and intrigue to doomsday-themed series.

Song of bandits kdrama

The K catalog has up to 34 K content for avid South Korean fans! Let’s discover together the Korean series coming in 2023.


netflix kdramas 2023

A dive into a mental hospital through the eyes of a newly arrived nurse.

Drama 2023


QUEENMAKER kdrama netflix

A public relations genius goes into politics to make a human rights lawyer the next mayor of Seoul.


2023 Netflix Korea Slate Announcement - Attachment (EN)_0117

Kang-ho, a high-ranking prosecutor, loses his memory and becomes a 7-year-old child again. Immersed in his complicated childhood, he confronts his mother, Young-soon.

THE GOOD BAD MOTHER netflix 2023


Bloodhounds kdrama france 2023 netflix

To pay off their debts, three young people start borrowing money and find themselves in a much darker environment. And with Lee Sang-yi (Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha).

netflix-bloodhounds-2023 netflix france

A time has called you

A time called Netflix 2023

In grief, a woman decides to use magic to go back in time and finds herself back in 1998.

A time called you netflix 2023 kdrama

She will then meet a man who strangely resembles the love of her life that she lost.

A Time Called You Netflix 2023 insert

behind your touch

behind your touch netflix

Ye Boon always dreamed of becoming a veterinarian, but she has to work hard to make ends meet.

One day she will gain incredible powers and become a great ally for Detective Jang Yeol. Together they will solve all sorts of cases, including murders.

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Korean series from Netflix France will be released in 2023

Catch up on love/crash course in romance


A mother will discover the ruthless world of private education when her daughter tries to integrate a famous math teacher’s course.

Netflix France Romance 2023

Definitely with you

Definitely with you netflix

A woman discovers a forbidden book that was carefully sealed 300 years ago. She will then meet a man who has become a victim of the forbidden book.

With you definitely 4


Will be kdrama 2023

Based on Min Song-as webtoon The Girl Downstairs, the story tells how the successful female star, key to her band’s popularity, abruptly announces her retirement.

Netflix France: Korean series coming in 2023

Far away from music, she isolates herself in a flat-sharing community in the university town.

There she meets an ordinary, broke college student who shields her from the harsh reality of her decision with warmth and integrity.

Lee Doo Well!  Netflix girls below

king of the country

king of the country

Part of the wealthy King Group family, Gu Won must fight for his inheritance.

Young Cheon Sa-Rang with a pretty smile will work at the King Hotel, which she has very fond childhood memories of.

Netflix France: Korean series coming in 2023

When they encounter obstacles, they fall in love.

Netflix France: Korean series coming in 2023

i love to hate you

love to hate you 2023

A lawyer who hates losing to men and a famous actor who distrusts women have one thing in common: they don’t believe in love.

Love to Hate You drama

However, that could change if they have to go out together.

See you in my 19th life

See you in my 19th life 2023

A young woman has a special gift: she lives again and again and the memories of her past lives come back to her as she grows up.

She hates it and wishes she wouldn’t come back to life every time she’s about to die. In her 18th life she met a child and became very close to him.

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See you in my 19th life

Once in her 19th life, which we will follow in the series, she still meets her adult friend. She will then want to get closer to him again.

See_You_in_My_19th_Life Kdrama 2023

For his part, the young man no longer wants to have relationships since the death of his first love, which is none other than the one he will have before him again, but in a different form.

Black Knight/Chevalier Noir

Chevalier Noir blacknight 2023 Kdrama

In a dystopian 2071 ravaged by air pollution, humanity’s survival depends on the Dark Knights – and they are a far cry from ordinary delivery men.

Blacknight Sortie France Netflix

The Kyŏngsŏng Creature/Gyeongseong Creature

Netflix France: Korean series coming in 2023

“Gyeongseong Creature” is a story about fighting monsters in the dark era of 1945


mask girl

mask girl netflix france

During the day she is a discreet office worker. At night she becomes a masked internet star.

Unfortunately, everything is about to change and her life is about to change after a series of incidents.

Mask girl netflix


celebrity kdrama celebrity

A young woman struggles to achieve fame and enter the glamorous and outrageous world of Seoul influencers.

Netflix celebrity

Song of the bandits

Song of bandits kdrama

Enormous in the rebel region of Gando bandits will stop at nothing to protect the earth and her loved ones.

Song of bandits 2023

The action series tells a story of resistance fighters in the Japanese colonial era (1910-1945).

“Goodbye Earth”

netflix 2023 series kdrama coreen

An asteroid is heading straight for Earth. Faced with this inevitable chaos, a teacher will do whatever it takes to protect her former students.

Some successful programs will return with their much-anticipated second installment. Part 2 of The Glory, a revenge story starring Song Hye-kyo, will be released in March.

Netflix France: Korean series coming in 2023

Part 1 of the series was the most-watched non-English language TV show in the Netflix ranking for the first week of January.

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sweet home season 2

Season 2 of the horror series Sweet Home and DP, which will show the dark side of the South Korean army, is also expected this year.

sweet home season 2

Redefining the creature series genre in Korea, Sweet Home returns to an even bigger universe, while Deserter Pursuit finds that the season one cast is still searching for deserters.

dp season 2 netflix