Korean netizens reveal envy of foreign women’s ‘strong bodies’

Korean netizens reveal envy of foreign women’s ‘strong bodies’

Even today, Asian women are victims of stereotypes.

They are considered to be docile and submissive women and, above all, not very powerful. Even if these ideas change, there are always such thoughts.

Korean netizens reveal envy of foreign women's 'strong bodies'

Recently, a post in an online community entitled “What I Envy Most About Foreign Women” drew a lot of attention.

In this post, a young girl says she regrets the difference in physical strength between Asian and foreign women.

Korean netizens reveal envy of foreign women's 'strong bodies'

“It’s not her white skin

Neither does the fact that they have bigger breasts or bigger hips

It’s their physical strength…

They have different bones and muscles than Asian girls

You are strong and athletic.

When traveling abroad, Asian girls are always so weak that they always carry their hand luggage, but many black and white girls would have backpacks as big as their own bodies.

They are genetically stronger, so people don’t look down on them for being female.

The older I get, the more I realize how important physical strength is to everything in life.

It really is what I wish for the most. »

Korean netizens reveal envy of foreign women's 'strong bodies'

The post drew a lot of attention from netizens. Some of the most popular comments include:

  • “It is true that there are many women with good physiques, especially in Australia, the Netherlands and other northern European countries. They are descendants of Vikings, so their spirit is epic.” Southern European countries are no different from Asians. They are small and their physique is also small.
  • “I didn’t know it then, but the older I get, the more jealous I get of people with big physiques and big muscles.”
  • “That’s because there are a lot of backpackers abroad. I was like that in my twenties, so I walked around with bags like that a lot. In addition, these bags are well made, so they are often more convenient than luggage. They offer good support for your height and to be honest there was a time when I found my backpack a lot lighter than my luggage.”
  • “Because there are so many pickpockets, these girls carry a backpack instead.”
  • “I’m not lying when I say there is an overwhelming number of foreign women who are stronger than Asian men… Seriously, that was shocking. Normally men are stronger than women even if they are anchovies, but their DNA is just a wallㅠ”
  • “It’s true that their bodies are naturally bigger, but we can be strong too if we play sports! »
  • “It’s true, but I think Korean women’s bodies are changing more and more. We have a better standard of living and eat better, so I find that we have stronger bodies. »
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The most important thing is that you feel comfortable in your body!