Korean netizens react to the final composition of “Boys Planet” ZEROBASEONE – Kpopnews

Korean netizens react to the final composition of “Boys Planet” ZEROBASEONE – Kpopnews

planet boys has just finished its run and announced its first definitive line-up for the new boy band, ZEROBASEONE (ZB1). The team debuts with…

Han Yujin

Kim Jiwoong

… etc Kim Gyuvin.

You will join Kim Taerae

Gunwood Park

… etc ricky.

The top three overall will also join the team, led by Matthew Seok

Sung Hanbin

…and front runners Zhang Hao.

Although fans are sad to see the rest of the trainees go, the first-team synergy is second to none! Many netizens believe that this is one of the best combinations that could have emerged from the bunch.

Internet user reactions. | Leko
  • Gunwook, congratulations on your debut!
  • Wow, there’s only two teenage guys.
  • Is the combination good? are you real
  • Yujin, congratulations.
  • They chose the first team well.
  • When Seok Matthew makes his debut, he will gain so much popularity.
  • What’s the deal with the name? Rebuilding 1st place from scratch?
  • All their visuals are good LOL

Most viewers love the line-up combination!

Internet user reactions. | Leko
  • The combination is really good.
  • This combination is so epic that I wonder if there has ever been another program that managed to pick such a great team for its debut. It’s truly legendary, but why is first place like that… Anyway, I’m waiting.
  • Oh, but they chose the first cast really well.
  • Congratulations.
  • The combo is damn good LOL and definitely not fake.
  • The combination is legendary.
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Most group members are versatile and have already proven their talent and looks. Congratulations to the first ZEROBASEONE team!