Korean netizens react to RM’s interview, which highlights the West’s colonial past

Korean netizens react to RM’s interview, which highlights the West’s colonial past

In a now viral interview with Spanish media outlet ‘El Pais’, RM shared: “People in the west… …just don’t get it. ». »

Korean netizens react to RM's interview about the West's colonial past Korean netizens react to RM's interview about France's western colonial past

“You’re in France or Britain, countries that have been colonizing others for centuries, and you come and you say to me, ‘Oh my God, you’re putting so much pressure on yourself.’ Life in Korea is so stressful. ‘ Oh well. That’s how you get things done. »

Her interview caught the attention of fans around the world, including Korean netizens, who called Western media dismissive. They write:

Korean netizens react to RM's interview, which highlights West's colonial past

He is very intelligent. He shut up the western reporter for trying to disparage the K-label. He’s right, how many of their ancestors tortured how many countries and peoples… From Chosun to everything Korea has endured at the hands of others, we’ve still managed to build on that. And the downsides of such rapid growth are being dealt with by our own people in our own way.

That’s quite a refreshing answer ㅋㅋ I always found it annoying that countries that have enslaved and colonized other countries have the audacity to ask other countries why they choose to live so hard ㅋㅋ

He’s really very cool… I don’t know how he can talk so eloquently. He is also very intelligent. It is a decision of the gods that someone like him is a member of BTS. I’m so proud that the whole band is Korean too… I really don’t think such a response would be possible otherwise. RM is a true Korean idol, but beyond that, he’s an amazing person in his own right… You don’t even have to be a patriot to find him likable and respectable.

He has a good understanding of history. What an impressive young man! We are truly a people with a brilliant and proud history. Yes, there is pain, but nothing that should bother us.

Western media may try to humiliate him, but he always responds with elegance. He spends all his free time with a book in hand… and that’s probably one of the reasons I became a BTS fan… not because of their many songs on Billboard or anything, but after stumbling upon Namjoon’s speech at the 2018 awards ceremony am… I was really amazed how an idol could utter such eloquent words, a whole speech that touched my heart! Then I fell down the rabbit hole that was BTS and continued to be grateful for a group that is world class but didn’t miss a day of practice despite their busy schedules. I truly believe members are following Namjoon’s lead… and it’s no wonder it’s been so successful for them so far.

The fact that such an answer came to him immediately and without prior script makes one think how regularly he has to think about himself and his music. He’s young and probably didn’t get a chance to get a normal upbringing because of his idol career, so it’s amazing how strong a foundation he’s built… I hope, “He’ll continue down that path and not fall like other celebrities do seem to do.

An annoying question, but one he answered with restraint and elegance… What a star… undeniably.

An impressive young man… a jewel of our future. So many younger generations suffer tears and sweat in corporate waiting rooms, it’s amazing how he managed to break it all up! It’s obvious that he’s a deep thinker and reads a lot of books, and it’s probably because he grew up surrounded by love that he’s so confident. He’s a “Korean Man” that we should all take inspiration from…

If you read the entire interview, I’m sure you also get the feeling that they wanted to put it down, but RM didn’t respond with anger, but with elegance and wit.

These are answers that are not expected from someone who does not always study and learn… Among the current idols, I really wonder who is able to give such an answer in Korean…

Incredible from RM. He fully deserves the title of leader of K-pop. He has such a strong identity and I support him in that. I hope her future continues to shine~

Your words come straight from the heart ~ what a strong character. He’s a character that Koreans can be really proud of.

Politicians should take him for example… I’ve never seen anyone with so much class… I’m very jealous of him!

I don’t think anyone could give him a ready-made script and come up with a better answer than this. This hyung is a real…

He gave such an exemplary answer… That the K label is a quality fought and won by our ancestors…

I’m proud to be of the same ethnicity as someone with that mentality. He has so much class in his lyrics…

I’m older than RM, but my brain couldn’t find his answer. How long did he study and learn to think of such an answer?

Yes… It is a real “K youth” ㅎ, especially in a generation where we need a healthy and clean mind…

I’m not a patriot, just one of the adults who is proud of BTS and thinks they’re great… but I was really touched after reading this interview. Her words are so sincere and reflect her long and deep thoughts and beliefs. I’m curious to see what he will have achieved in 10 years.

He’s younger than me, but I’m learning from him! He is everything you would expect from the leader of a representative Korean idol group.

The full interview with RM can be found HERE

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