Korean netizens mock Japanese media’s failed attempt to play Dispatch in LE SSERAFIM Chaewon’s Dating Reveal

Korean netizens mock Japanese media’s failed attempt to play Dispatch in LE SSERAFIM Chaewon’s Dating Reveal

Korean netizens are not convinced by the photographic evidence released by the Japanese media, shukan bunshunclaims that LE SSERAFIM’s Chaewon is dating a former rapper.

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Formerly Japanese media shukan bunshun made headlines in Korea when he teased on January 17 that he would post dating photos of a world-famous K-pop star.

Japanese media claim to have a K-pop idol’s dating photos and will release them on January 18th. | shukan bunshun

Korean netizens had a mixed reaction to the news. Many netizens didn’t understand why the outlet would cover K-pop artists, while others wondered if the K-pop idol’s partner was Japanese.

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  • “Is the K-pop idol dating a Japanese guy?”
  • “The partner is Japanese?”
  • “But that really doesn’t make sense, LOL. They really care about our country… It would be like Dispatch publishing a Japanese celebrity’s dating news… It’s weird.”
  • “It must be an idol popular in Japan.”
  • “Is (the idol) dating a Japanese guy?”
  • “I guess the Japanese don’t care about their own celebrities.”

Then, on Jan. 18, as promised, the Japanese outlet published an article claiming that a K-pop idol was dating a former rapper. The article’s idol was none other than Chaewon from LE SSERAFIM. As proof, the outlet released an alleged photo of the idol with a former rapper.

However, netizens were unimpressed by the photo. Many fans quickly debunked the edited photo, comparing it to another photo of Chaewon and his partner. cherry tree.

The photos are not retouched together?

— @0502ha_ha/Twitter

Additionally, HYBE and the former rapper in the photo denied the allegations shortly after the article was published. The alleged ex-rapper would admit to editing the photos together.

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Conversation between the alleged rapper “A” and the netizen | Wikitree

  • Rapper A: “That’s not really true.”
  • Netizen: “But they said they were posting 7 pics an hour.”
  • Rapper A: “Who did that? The photo was edited together.
  • Netizen: “I think the article said it. Hey? Is it edited?
  • Rapper A: “Yeah, I’m just a regular fan. This is Japan, so…”
  • Netizen: “It’s crazy. So you realize they’re wrong?
  • Rapper A: “It’s not like I can contact anyone.”

Korean netizens slammed the Japanese outlet, scoffing at the dating fees. Many said they were embarrassed by the outlet, whose article has now gone viral around the world.

| elqoo

  • “I am so ashamed of her.”
  • “Did they make all the fuss about the fake edited photos? If it were me, I would close the shop out of shame.”
  • “(Chaewon) should sue her for damages. Goes!”
  • “How unfortunate. What are they doing with edited photos? HAHAHA. Are they trying to be funny?
  • “WTF is shukan bunshun Do? I was so nervous about a reveal photo being posted, but it’s just an edited selfie. Wow! I laugh out loud I remain speechless.
  • “WTF, LOL.”
  • “Wow, is that edited? LOL are they trying to be funny? lol.”

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